Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Life without the Heels

I am a proud member of the female populace. I love what most typical women do. I enjoy shopping for accessories, shoes, bags, and clothes with the company of my ever reliable girlfriends. However, there is one reason that makes me a black sheep of the entire female tribe. It's the fact that I don't wear heels.

If I remember it right, I was in my senior year in High School when the high heeled wedged sandals started to proliferate the local fashion scene. I told myself that I would own a pair on Christmas. My antagonist ;-) mother however prevented me from purchasing it. Mother told me that I am not after all short in height to wear heels. An accident involving a relative further discouraged me to wear heels. I saw a family friend who suffered from serious injuries after accidentally twisting an ankle as a result of wearing her towering heels. I was traumatized to wear heels after seeing her suffer for a year. So that was the start of my life without the heels. I settled on flats or those sandals that have a maximum 1.5 inches heels. 

I honestly don't have any trouble with being used to flats. After all, most of my clothes are designed to fit flat shoes. No one can also disagree with me that wearing flats is healthy and comfortable for the feet and legs. But at some point, all women need to wear heels. This is especially true on those rare formal occasions. In this case, I usually opt for a closed pointed shoes or kitten heeled sandals.

But since my first love is flats, allow me to share with you some of my humbled, hard earned and treasured "flat collections."

Le Donne Beige Shoes

This piece makes my feet look longer and thinner. I bought this from Le Donne. It was love at first sight. This pair is so comfortable and matches well with my khaki pants, which ironically creates some limitations. Since I feel that this pair matches only a brown or light colored bottom, I rarely have the chance to wear them. Sorry but I'm not really good at mixing and matching. Any suggestions on how will I be able maximize this pair?

Charles and Keith flats

This is my first ever pair of shoes from Charles and Keith. Among my flats, I could say that this one cost me the most. I bought this as a birthday treat to myself. I love the quilts and since its black, I can wear it with almost everything. Can you see the folded soles? It's a proof of how I have overused this pair.

I was amazed with my first encounter with a Payless Shoes boutique. It was my first time to see a shop where shoes are arranged according to sizes and stocks are vertically piled in the display area. I ended up exploring their Ali Mall branch and when I came out, I went home with this pair.

Crocs flats
This is  my first ever pair from Crocs. My rainy day shoes. I'm honestly not a fan of Crocs because I find their collections too pricey and unstylish. But this black pair broke my impression to Crocs. It's flat, comfortable, and could be disguised as a black leather pair. 
So far, these are some of the precious flats that I own. Yes I said few. I have more cheap pairs hiding somewhere out there :) One thing is for sure though, they will continue to increase over the next months. The shopaholic me just can't have enough pair of shoes :D  

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  1. Oh, hello there! Just a shout out from another non-heeled, commuting, rank and file employee :)

    Those are lovely flats! Wala akong ganyan karami hehehe. I love the Le Donne Beige Shoes. I wonder if it's still available.


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