Monday, January 10, 2011

My Lola Florentina

She is my not-so-ordinary paternal grandmother. The image of a grandmother shown by my Lola Florentina was way different than those I see in TV shows and those stories I heard from my friends and classmates.

My Lola Florentina was first and foremost not a spoiler. She was never the grandma who would protect and console me whenever my parents scold me. She was never the grandma who would come running to hug me whenever I'm crying. She was never the grandma who would shower me with all the toys, chocolates and junk foods.

My Lola Florentina was a second mother. She would loudly criticize and scold me for the weird and nasty things I did as a kid. She always have this unique, loud, annoying voice that would rant the entire family compound. When my family transferred to our new house, that's when I found her rants as memorable music of love in my ears.

My Lola Florentina never spoiled me but she was there in those moments when I needed the help of a grandmother. We once knocked on the doors of the entire neighborhood when I do not have a Filipiniana costume for school. She also defended me to a relative who was accusing me of being a runaway and a nasty kid. She told him of how I was obedient to my parents and determined to finish my studies. That one incident made me felt that my Lola was also proud of me.

My Lola Floretina was not just a grandmother. She became a mother to my two cousins who lost their mother at an early age. She whole-heartedly embraced the role of becoming a mother despite her old age. She never excused herself from responsibilities.

She was also woman for others. I heard a lot of stories of how Lola helped other people in so many ways. She would lend money, give food to everyone, make her house as an open home for almost everyone. Lola showed me more than kindness and compassion for others. She proved to me that helping other people is a great opportunity that we should seize.

Yesterday, marked the first death anniversary of my Lola Florentina. Our entire family hosted a "padasal" and a merienda for our relatives and friends who still remember my Lola Florentina.

To my dearest Lola, my simple request is to keep praying for the entire family, especially for Lolo, your sister, Lola Linda, and my brother, Kuya Dennis. Please watch over them and whisper to Jesus my silent wishes for them.

I love you Lola!

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