Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meet my Happy Foodie Family

If there is one thing that distinguishes nationalities from each other, I think it would be FOOD. Food reflects a lot about the culture and lifestyle of every country. In the case of my country, I could say that Food is everything here.Food is our best friend. Why and how? My family is just one living example. 

The love for food in our family was started by this person

She is my paternal grandma who was a cook by profession. My grandma never went to a culinary school but she was a well respected and trusted cook in our place. Relatives, family friends and our neighbors would always seek her assistance in cooking for their birthday parties and other celebrations. It's been a year since Grandma joined our creator, but her reputation of being a very accommodating and generous person never ceased. People would always recognize me and my cousins as the grandchildren of the "greatest cook."

In a typical Filipino family, food is always a part of any significant event in our lives. Food is present in birthdays, graduations, achievements, town fiestas to sad moments such as wakes and death anniversaries. Every milestone in our life is accompanied by friends, loved ones and great food.

Allow me to share with you some of our memorable family pictures with food.
This was my Grandma's last birthday cake. In the Philippines by the way, we address our grandmothers as Lola. The colorful cake would always remind me of the colorful and meaningful life she made.
Long lines! Though I really hate to fall in line and wait to get food, this was a normal scene in every Filipino family celebration.

A year after my Lola died, there is a Filipino Catholic tradition called padasal. Padasal is a prayer session that Filipino Catholics hold during death anniversaries. The prayer session is led by old Catholic women in the house of the deceased family member. After the prayer sessions, meals are served for the mandarasal (old women who led the prayers) and invited guests of the family.

 The mandarasal getting their meals after the prayer session.

Though the loss of my Lola affected us, one great man still keeps me and my cousins together and united
Meet my Lolo (grandpa). This picture was taken from his recent birthday celebration.

And how could we forget the food?

I will definitely look forward to more birthday celebrations with my Lolo. 

One of my aunties moved abroad and every time her family visits the Philippines, there's always a family celebration. We would always have this in her house.

When my Lola was still alive, we would have family reunions during the first day of the year and the Holy week. We would stay in her house the entire day while being served with the best meals.

And here is a picture of my happy foodie family!

I hope you all had a great weekend with your family! :)


  1. That's why we get along so good huh? WE LOVE food and we LOVE family celebrations. WOW wish I lived in the Philippines...I would be celebrating right along with you :)

  2. I loved reading about your beautiful Lola and your Lolo. The family pictures of all of you dining and enjoying those delicious looking meals was a real treat. I do agree that food brings families together. Beautiful post.

  3. I learned something new today... mandarasal. New concept :) Ganyan din dati sa family namin nung sa province pa kami nakatira. Pero since we moved to the city... hanggang restaurant or small family gatherings na lang kami.

  4. Such beautiful memories of your Lola. Your gatherings look so festive and the food looks so delicious!! You're so lucky to have so many loving relatives, especially your Lolo.

  5. Glad you had time to enjoy your family.

  6. Oh! How I loved this post-- so rich with family, fellowship, food, fun! I can SMELL Lola's kitchen, God rest her sweet soul. Kiss Lolo for those of us who have NO MORE living grandparents... only the precious memories of beloved people, their presence and passion for life.

  7. My family gets together quite a bit and we love to eat too! Looks like you & your family enjoy being together. So beautiful. I have wonderful memories of my grandma & great grandma in the kitchen. Things always seemed a little more delicious when I knew how much love went into making them. :)

  8. I enjoyed all of the wonderful photos of your famliy and learning about your traditions! A very special post, my namesake friend! ♥


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