Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How beauty wrecked my wallet

I can splurge on shoes, clothes and bags. But when it comes to beauty products, I'm a cheapskate. I've never been to any expensive beauty shopping. The most that I spent is Php 1,000 ($ 25) for a complete set of powder foundation from Maybelline, eye shadow palette from IN2IT, powder blush from Etude House and eyebrow pencil from Tony Moly or The Face Shop. After spending for these items, I will go home feeling broke and pathetic. Haha My Nanay once told me that if I can splurge for an expensive bag, why can't I save and spend for something that will make me beautiful? I later learned the real meaning of my Nanay's litany. She wanted me to purchase a treadmill in time for the deprived jogging hours during the rainy season. Haha

My problem with beauty products is that I rarely experience a brand that survived the entire day or at the very least, gave me noticeable enhancements. Hence, I've become averse in spending for any expensive beauty product. Since they don't conform with my expectations, I'd rather devote my money and resources to other things that can make me happy. I'd rather go to Lacoste or Yosi Samra to purchase a new pair of flats I've been secretly coveting.

Last Friday, I decided to breakfree from my cheapskate attitude. My first attempt to purchase a really expensive piece finally happened. 

So what's the product that caused this blog post?

I've been hearing and reading a lot of positive reviews about MAC cosmetics. Beauty bloggers, my student M who owns a trunk of make up collections, and some sales ladies from the cosmetic section, whom I've eavesdropped, are mentioning praises and positive reviews about MAC. It appeared to me that MAC was like the Louis Vuitton and Hermes among beauty products.

After so much encounters, I decided to wreck part of my freelance earning to finally experience this elite product.

I planned to purchase a shade from MAC's Studio Fix Foundation. I was never good in choosing the right shade for my skin tone so I sought the assistance of the sales personnel / makeup artist. I told her that I wanted a darker shade since my skin is dark. She tried two shades and we finally landed on NC42.

The very evident trait of MAC's Studio Fix Foundation is the coverage it gave to my skin. The foundation didn't feel thick, heavy and chalky. It easily evened out my skin tone and the finish was different from my everyday Maybelline powder foundation. I also noticed that even though I overdo the application, the powder foundation worked like magic. It evenly settled to my skin.

While I love MAC's perfect coverage, one thing I failed to notice is the darker coverage it gave me. The powder tends to become a shade darker when applied to my skin. This becomes very evident when I'm applying the foundation during daytime. In effect, I looked like I didn't have any foundation at all. My skin appeared natural, which some would prefer. In my case, since I have darker skin I would have preferred a shade lighter than my skin tone.

In terms of longevity, I can say that MAC lives up to its claim. If my skin will not be too oily, the powder finish tends to last longer than my Maybelline powder foundation. The most that the product can serve is around 4 hours, within the office's airconditioned surroundings. I guess, not bad at all?

The only thing I dislike about the product is obviously, the hefty price! I purchased only the refill for Php 2,100!!! If I included the mirror compact, the entire piece will cost Php 2,750 (around $ 68). Whoa! It can almost wreck my half-month teaching salary.

Now, the final question is,

Will I repurchase the product?

Yes. If only I have spare money to accommodate such expensive purchase. I would love to consider MAC Studio Fix as my everyday powder foundation if not only because of its price tag. In addition to this, I would probably seek a lighter shade on my next purchase.


  1. If you're not going to buy a makeup foundation every day or week, then I guess that is quite worthwhile spending, since it makes you feel good.

    I too, am the cheapskate when it comes to makeup!!! And I have never tried any branded things that can be found in a fashion magazine.

  2. I love to have their line of lipsticks.

  3. I'm glad it worked for you even if its slightly a darker / more natural tone when applied :) i didn't know their powder foundation cost 2750. I was expecting a little bit cheaper than that, but with my experience with mac their powder products last for a very long time. so i guess ok na din :)

  4. Their lipstick is nice, stays long. :)

  5. I know zilch about makeup myself and wear them only on occasion, but I do think it's nice to invest in good quality (read:expensive!) makeup every once in a while. I use Maybelline too though (haha!), but I've meaning to get a good foundation. :)


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