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Classic Chicken Inasal courtesy of

Late last year, I was invited by to try their delivery services. offers food delivery services in Metro Manila, Cebu and Mandaue City. The first thing I noticed with the company, is the varied selections of restaurants and food chains. Clients can choose from Asian, Mediterranean, European, and American cuisines. Choices also extend from a full course meal, dessert, snacks, coffee and special beverages. More than the product selections, also responds to budgetary concerns. Yes, they have restaurants that extend to the budget conscious consumers.

There are two ways to order from You can sign up for an online account or call their 24/7 hotline, 777-1-777. In my case, I tried their 24/7 hotline. I called using my mobile phone and during the conversation, I unfortunately lost connection. As I was attempting to redial, I was surprised when the customer service representative made the initiative to call back. This is customer service! I was impressed with this simple effort. 

Ordering later went easy peasy. Information such as my full name, email address, contact number and delivery address were secured. I mentioned all my orders and like other delivery services, we synchronized our waiting time. After an hour, the orders finally arrived!  

Dinner is finally served!

We tried the famous and all time Filipino favorite, Chicken Inasal of Bacolod Chk-N-Bbq. 

For the benefit of my foreign blog friends, Inasal na Manok (Chicken Inasal) is chicken marinated in pepper, lime, vinegar, achuete (bixa orellana / achiote paste) and other secret spices. Chicken is later grilled over hot coals with another set of marinate. The dish originated in the Southern provinces of the Philippines. It was later brought to Manila by different fast food chains. Chicken Inasal then become a staple in all food courts among shopping malls.

Bacolod Chk-N-Bbq is one the many fast food chains that offer the famous Chicken Inasal. The restaurant was originally based in Bacolod and later found its way in Metro Manila. The very Filipino restaurant offers middle-priced dishes for casual dining experience.

The family's favorite member is the happiest!

 Here's what we ordered

Chicken Breast
Chicken Wings
Chicken Tail... yes we eat it here ;)
Everyone was happy with the sumptuous meal. More than the great food, here are the reasons why we love Chk-N-Bbq.

The size of the chicken was perfect. It wasn't too huge or small for a typical serving.

We love the lasting taste of the chicken's marinate. Minus the lasting impression to our breath (heehee), the marinate made the chicken so tasty and juicy. And yes, the different parts of the chicken were tender and juicy. 

We love the banana leaves. No, we didn't eat it. Haha We appreciate that our orders were served in banana leaves instead of the typical plastic or aluminum wrap. This makes everything so Filipino even though we opted for delivery.

The package was complete with condiments: calamansi (lime), soy sauce and siling labuyo (small chili pepper), table napkins and plastic utensils. Unlike other restaurants, we were not cheated with the much needed calamansi. 

All in all, I could say that we had one of the best dining experiences from Chk-N-Bbq, made possible by Customer service and food were great. We were treated with the best service in the comforts of our own home.

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  1. I miss chicken inasal! I hope magkabranch din sila dito! ^_^


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