Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Get Cashback from Shopping at ShopBack

As it is, the hardest habit to break! I once thought if there is a TV show that rewards the best shoppers. Even a profession that entails shopping as a primary responsibility. I later learned the concept of personal shoppers via Rebecca Bloomwood of Confessions of a Shopaholic, Andy and her colleagues from the The Devil Wears Prada and bloggers who also dabble as fashion stylists. While they don't shop for themselves, there's surely a shopaholic need fulfilled whenever they engage in shopping activities. The constant interaction with the sales associates and managers give them the opportunity to have first dibs of the best deals. Unfortunately, not everyone share the privilege. Although there are other ways on how fellow shopaholics can get rewarded. One is through membership cards that generate points from shopping. The points can later be converted as shopping money, discounts and freebies. The problem with shopping cards though, not everyone is awarded with it. Some shopping rewards cards entail a very discouraging application and renewal fee and demands thousand of peso purchases to earn points. 

Lately, I discovered a shopping site that offers a different approach in getting rewarded from shopping. I first discovered ShopBack from other bloggers. Truth to be told, I only checked the site and left. I was overwhelmed with the dialogue boxes of different coupon deals. As always, I felt lazy to read and understand the terms and conditions. A few days after, I was invited by ShopBack to check out their site. Laziness still thrived in me. Hahaha Everything changed when a relative messaged me about her experience. So here, I'm sharing the good news through my personal experience. 

What is ShopBack?

The title of the post says it all. In a nutshell, ShopBack gives you discounts through the different coupon deals to different online shopping sites. Apart from receiving discounts, using the coupons enables ShopBack members to earn points. The Shopback points can later be converted as money. 

The infographics below provide the simplest summary of how ShopBack works.

How does it works? 

A little reminder: Use ShopBack's own link to redirect you to Lazada or whichever online shopping site you will choose. This will ensure that the discount codes will apply and shopping credits will be added to your account.

In order to ensure that your shopping attempts are recognized by your ShopBack account, you can review everything via your CASHBACK SUMMARY tab. 

Your Cashback Information will later appear. You can double check everything via the CLICK HISTORY tab. All the clicks made from your ShopBack account are recorded in this tab.

Here is my specific order from Lazada via ShopBack. I was able to use one of their promotional vouchers. As seen in my invoice, I successfully received a discount of Php 200 by using ShopBack's voucher code "SUMMER200"

My order is yet to be delivered by Lazada. I'm hoping not to experience delays in delivery again. I'm praying that I don't need to make follow ups, as the item I purchased entailed a significant amount of money.

As for ShopBack, I received a notification thru my email after one day.
When I logged in to my ShopBack account, my entire purchase has been credited

Although as observed, I need to wait for 75 days to redeem.  For now, what I can say is that the voucher and discount codes issued by ShopBack are real and working. 

I will prepare a second post for my cashback experience. I'm hoping that my order from Lazada be delivered in the soonest possible time and my ShopBack rewards to be successfully converted to cash. 

Stay tuned for Part 2. :)

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