Friday, July 8, 2016

Moda Bridal Gowns

Despite not being near of becoming a bride hahahahahaha I receive invites once in a while from online shopping sites selling wedding gowns. While there is no way for me to wear those regal white gowns, I believe that browsing and appreciating is not in any way prohibited. Hahaha 

A few days ago, I received an email from Alice of Moda Bridal Company. She requested that I pick out some pieces and feature my choices in my blog. 

Truth to be told, I don't like white for my clothes. I love the color but for some reason, I feel that I look darker and fatter whenever I wear white. I envy those women who can perfectly carry a classic button down rolled up long sleeves, white V-neck shirts and all the more, those who can wear white gowns. So more often than not, I would go for the off-white colors. If I have other options, I wouldn't really go for lighter shades. As for the gown, I'm neither a fan of those heavy ball gowns. I once held the wedding gown of a friend and was surprised with how much weight it has. In my mind, how will her small frame be able to carry those kilograms of heavy fabrics. Hahaha But my friend successfully did it. :) Hi M! Browsing at Moda Bridal's site, these were the pieces that caught my attention

Aside from wedding gowns, the site also features cocktail dresses to gowns for different occasions. The company also specializes on producing gowns for the mother of the bride.  The company has a specific Modabridal Mother of the Bride.

Please note that I never fitted any of these gowns. I just chose them based on how they appear on the photos. 

For more information, visit their website here.

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