Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Amanda Dress

I was recently invited by Amanda Dress company to check out their line of gowns and dresses. I rarely wear gowns or even dresses. The last time I wore a dress was during the awards night at the workplace and when my friend got married a few years ago. Despite the absence of an opportunity to wear a gown or at least a dress, me and my friends never fail to window shop or at least appreciate those we see in department stores. Yes, we daydream once in a while. :) 

After browsing Amanda Dresses' site, here are the gowns that captured my attention

I've always been fascinated with off shoulder gowns. But with my current status, I need to exercise and shed off pounds before I can decently wear an off shoulder gown. :p Nevertheless, here are off-shoulder collections that I love. 

I was also tasked to organize a collection of the white gowns I like. As you can see, I compiled a conservative collection. The styles reflect much of my personality. :p I have chosen white gowns and dresses that can fit the preferences of the conservative and reserved. 

I love the handpainted design of the first gown. It breaks the monotony of the gown's simplicity. The second gown caught my attention because of the cape. The third gown depicts simplicity and classic design. I love the off shoulder style of the fourth gown and the gold beadwork on the lining.

You also check out their other line of White Long Formal Dresses. Also visit this link for more sexy formal dresses. 

Amanda Dress offer gowns and dresses for different occasions. It has gowns for bridesmaids, mother of the bride and a collection of wedding gowns as well. It has gowns for different formal events as well. Amanda Dress also offers a range of dresses for less formal events. Added to this, the shop offers accessories (shoes, bags, jewelries) to match gowns and dresses. Recently, the site also added its own line of bedding sets.

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