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My life is a constant combination of monotony and adventure. Everyday meant waking up a little earlier to beat the morning traffic. Taking different forms of public transportation, which I consider as part of my business portfolio and survival skills. :) I have a collection of adventures and misadventures, just with everyday travel. In some days, I spent the early hours of the morning or late evening teaching college students. Teaching may appear to be repetitive, but the interaction I gain from students brings different learning and adventure. Every day, every semester meant dealing with different personalities. My entire day is later spent accomplishing office works. Another job that appears to be routinary, but the evolving demands of the clients and management breaks all the monotony. When some opportunities come along the way, I'm able to score freelance works. I meet clients from different industries, comprehend terms and agreement, and hopefully, get the job done according to the client's preferences.

This is how I define business class in my domain. My students, colleagues, superiors, clients and all the activities attributed with it forms my everyday business. Surviving the demands of the business will not be possible without a support system. Apart from friends and family, I have my set of essentials that helps me survive the demands of every business activity. This leads me to my own set of survival skills, how I braved the demands of urban life. 

# 1 - Knowing my business essentials 

I need electronic devices, particularly a laptop to survive the demands of the business class. A laptop is an expensive investment hence, I need a way to protect, preserve and prolong its use. 

HelloLulu is one of the brands carried by Urbanize. It's a brand I discovered this year and has been complementing the demands of my different business activities. First and foremost, most Hello Lulu bags have a safe padded space for laptops. There's no need to  have a bulky laptop sleeve. The water resistant fabric complements my everyday travel and meetings under different weather conditions. The fabric itself is easy to clean and low maintenance. This is very helpful for every member of the business class who often juggles with time and appointments. The bag has been my companion in exploring and fulfilling business activities.

Other than my reliable HelloLulu bag, here are other items from Urbanize that I feel would complement the life of a business class. 

Yay Wallet - What I love about the Yay wallet is its classic, structure and slim design. It diverts from the usual thick and heavy wallets. It can store money and cards at the same time. I chose the mable vintage design because as a member of the female populace, I have an excuse to express my love for floral design.

Elecom Headphones - Every time traffic hits the road, I rely on Spotify or my iPod nano. I need a sturdy and high quality Stereo Headphones to entertain myself and sometimes, for work related purposes. Whenever I have to listen to recorded interviews and transcribe words for data analyses, a reliable earphone will be highly needed. 

Loqi Tote Bag -  When I need to do extensive research, check papers of my students, and bring additional reference materials, I need an additional bag to accommodate. Loqi's Hummingbird foldable and reversible tote complements my business needs. 

Keygear - Being in the business demands being versatile and always ready for any emergency. On those times I'm teaching, I'm likewise responsible for the safety and security of my students. During emergency situations, this Light and Opener can save the day. It can serve as emergency light and a tool to open medicines and other substances in first aid kits. 

Amidst all the demands, members of the business class have to maintain a professional image. As much as I wanted to skip this aspect, I have to maintain a business attire. Fortunately, the HelloLulu bag responds to the business image that entails a little style and minimalism. This leads me to my second lesson and survival skill I learned.

# 2 - Minimalism and Simplicity are keys to business success 

I used to have plenty of clothes and bags. I buy styles emerging from every trend. Over time, I learned that being excessively trendy does not work for the business. class. I learned the unwritten rule of investing on classic printed pieces from clothes, shoes, accessories to my everyday bag. Even in the actual work, I learned that the simplest approach is always the best solution. The goal is always to simplify complex processes. Minimizing unnecessary steps and eliminating overflowing information leads to the best outcome.

All photos taken from Urbanize Ph's Facebook Account

Clockwise from right, Urbanize's Scout Tote, Anello's Mini Faux Leather Backpack, Sherpani's Three Way Tote, and Sherpani's Sloan Tote Bag are items I found to exhibit minimalism and functionality. I love that all three bags have adequate compartment to carry my daily valuables. The style and design are simple yet sleek.

# 3 - Never Stop Learning 

Everything in the business is changing. By the time I understood the shift in the people's preferences, another form of change is starting to proliferate. As a teacher, I need to regularly update myself with recent developments. To address this problem, I have to constantly upgrade myself. My usual refuge are books. I see to it that I finish one book every month, may it be fiction or non-fiction. I always believe that there's something worth reading and learning in every book.

Aside from books, I also consider traveling as another way of learning. Best thing about traveling, it also combines with leisure. Sure enough, Urbanize have products that complement all my travel adventures.

# 4 - Taking time to relax 

Fulfilling my business activities comprises my daily priority. There was a time when I handled more than two classes, I have ongoing projects with my day job and accepted subsequent freelance works. I had a pool of the most awaited earnings. What I didn't realize, too much work is health threatening and alienating. This was when I learned another survival principle. Leisure, travel and relaxation are part of surviving the urban jungle. Once in a while, I need to pause and recharge. I need a change in environment to refresh my entire system. Travel. leisure and relaxation allow me to reboot and become a more productive person

All photos were taken from Urbanize's Ph Facebook Account 

Urbanize also complements the life of a business or leisure traveler. I discovered products that respond to my travel and leisure needs.

The Popband Hairbands are useful for roadtrips and extreme adventures like the extreme sand dune experience I had in Ilocos. The bands are also perfect for island hopping and beach trips.

Kiu's rain bag covers can serve as a spare bag and protection for my leather bags. On those times I travel for work and needs to attend formal conventions, the Kiu rain bag cover can save the day. During leisure, it can protect my bag and valuables during beach trips, extreme water activities and unexpected weather disturbances.

Loqi's Luggage Cover lessens my worries for ending with a damaged luggage both in business and leisure trips. Lastly, the Vocavura bag is a light, spacious and low maintenance. The bag is made of the lightest nylon material. I love that it has lots of pockets or compartments to accommodate valuables. And lastly, one will love its low maintenance material. It is not prone to scratches and the usual weathering experienced on leather bags. The bag is made to support unexpected business trips to different travel adventures.

Urbanize will always have a product that will respond to the demands of my life as a member of the business and working class. Responding to the evolving demands and lifestyle and demands of the business, lessens my unnecessary stress and worries about protection and security, provides comfort and entertainment, and lastly, supporting my desire to once in a while, rest and unplug from the demands of the urban life.  Urbanize is indeed a reliable and valuable partner of the business class. 

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