Saturday, April 8, 2017

Chic Mall

It's that time of the year again. Working in the academe, this is a prevalent expression whenever the months of March to May arrive. My colleagues are busy with their respective roles for this yearend activity. Graduates meanwhile savor the remaining days of preparations. A significant part of a graduate's preparation is the dress, especially for the members of the female populace. Of the years I've been exposed to graduations, I noticed that the little black dress still prove to be the safest option. A black dress fits all body types, height and occasions. However, finding the cheapest black evening dress is not the easiest task. Recently, I discovered Chic Mall, an online shopping place for dresses to wedding gowns. 

Among the different LBDs I saw, here happens to be my favorite
Nat├╝rliche Abschluss Fallen Appliques

g├╝nstige schwarze abendkleider

Visit Chic Mall here for more details. 

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