Thursday, January 10, 2013


I don't have plans of blogging anytime this week. I'm saving everything for my Beautiful Sunday series. I'm occupied with some teaching paperworks that were left unaccomplished over the holidays. I was poor in time management and all my attention centered to my freelance works. As a result, I started the year cramming and depriving myself of sleep again.

Whenever I lack sleep, I usually end up feeling so dizzy and light headed. In worst cases, I suffer from low blood pressure that affects my heartbeat and breathing. I haven't checked my blood pressure, but I'm feeling better now especially after this package arrived.

What a way to break a sleepy and lazy afternoon at work!

What's inside the bag of happiness?

I won a floral dress which can also function as a top, black laced knitted skirt, cute socks, wallet, silver bangle, brown belt and my favorite, the UNDERARM PAD!!! I know the question marks on your faces. Haha

Here's a closer look of the underarm pad

Here's how it looks like

The product is designed to absorb those nasty sweat from our underarms. The pads can be attached to the straps of any bra and voila! It serves its purpose.

Females who have allergic reactions to even the most expensive brand of deodorants can benefit from this product. Since this great invention is made of absorbent cloth, it can hide any trace of the always "wet one." Haha Another thing I appreciate about the product, it is not disposable. It's like using cloth diapers instead of the expensive disposable pads. The cloth material can be washed a number of times.

I've been looking for this product in local Japanese stores such as Saizen, Japan Home and even Muji. Unfortunately, I just have to wait for this giveaway to own and try this simple yet great invention. 

Thank you Jonie Gen! May your generous heart be showered with more blessings this 2013.

To my dearest blog friends, I would like to share the happiness of knowing Jonie Gen. Please visit her blog that chronicles her beautiful life in the land of the rising sun.


  1. wow ang ganda ganda ng blouse/dress mo,, seems like 2013 is a good year for you D! excited to meet u soon. =)

  2. I think happy mail like this would make me feel better too. Even though I have never heard of under arm pads. :) I hope you have a beautiful, restful week and I look forward to reading your Beautiful Sunday post. xo

  3. Yes, Cello's donus are good we always bought from their Katipunan branch. :) And those M&S chocolates look a lot like Ferrero nga.. How about the taste? Same?

    1. Sa taste pareho lang.. Yun lang, parang mas maraming chocolate filling yung M&S. Ang hindi ko pala na consider is price. Not sure which one is mas pricey..

  4. Congratulations on winning! I did wonder dun sa underarm pads, haha. Thanks for educating me :D


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