Friday, April 15, 2016

5 Things in Your Life that should be done on time


While I may appear to be another “bitchy” preachy post here, I feel the need to admit my own imperfection. I have my own struggle with time management. There were instances when I knew that I should not be under the pressure of time. I became busy and stressed out only because I have the need to cram again. I have my own share of feeling uninspired, unproductive and lazy. Like most of you, I have those days when I don’t feel like doing anything at all.

Despite what seems to be a unending cycle of my inability to manage time, I repeatedly learned some activities and responsibilities that should be done on time. These are deemed to be the non-negotiables or needs to be accomplished with our without a deadline.

1. Sleep – Whatever happens, always remember that you need to sleep. In my case, sleeping hours has become the casualty of my desire to accomplish all my responsibilities. I knew the consequences of not getting enough sleep. Skin will feel rough and dry. The immune system weakens so imagine your body to become a strong magnet of common diseases. Unknown to most people, lack of sleep also slows down the body’s metabolism. The domino effect of which is weight gain even with lesser food intake. More than the physical health, lack of sleep even affects our emotional state. In my experience, lack of sleep has caused me to feel easily irritated and at some point, induces my sadness hormones.

2. Meals and snacks – There were days when I feel so engrossed with work. I would skip important meals to sustain my working momentum. I maybe able to accomplish my work but one thing I noticed whenever I skip or delay meals, I tend to overeat later. Just because I have accomplished something, I feel the need to reward myself. The ending, my meal intake is doubled. My stomach is suddenly refilled with so much food. The worst consequence of not eating on time is indigestion and constipation.

Setting aside the usual bad habits, I have also identified other things that needs to be done on time... 

3. Travel and adventure – Yes, even leisure activities need to be done on time. In my opinion though, there is no specific age limit for travel and adventure. My belief is travel and leisure should be done as long as our body permits us to experience long walks and intense physical activities. Unfortunately, no matter how much we take care of our body, we age and our physical capabilities are diminishing. Everyone needs to recharge and replenish once in a while. It does not necessarily be in another country though. Visiting a new place or trying a new experience still counts as travel and adventure.

4. Time with family, friends and loved ones – Much of our daily life has been dedicated to work and activities designed to increase our wealth. Cliché as it may sound, we have those days when we tend to allocate more time for work than family. While we have a lifetime to savour the fruits of our success with our family, what matters most is the time and memories we made with them. Spare the weekends and devote time for your family and loved ones. It does not necessarily translate to an expensive getaway. A great meal once in a while surely counts as part of those memories.

5.  Items in our bucket list – I always believe that even the lousiest and hopeless person in the world has his / her own bucket list. In your heart, you surely have that dream waiting to be fulfilled. The challenge in fulfilling our dreams is that compelling force within us. Oftentimes, we are occupied with our daily activities for survival. We are occupied with work and attending to family concerns. We live each day as it comes, often forgetting there’s something within us waiting to be fulfilled. I believe that building the roadmap to our own dreams should be done on time. If we have a daily schedule to follow, the more we need to have a timeline of our dreams. These roadmaps or timeline can be in the form of an essay or a diary. Writing a diary, journal entry to essays on time can help us account the fulfilment of our dreams. Every now and then, the activities leading to those dreams should be completed on time. 

Although the article was commissioned, all ideas and opinions expressed in this post belong to the author. 

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  1. I always try to sleep for at most 7 hours. If I have less than that, I would appear very cranky at work. I think sleeping is the best reward you can give to yourself after a hard day's work. And it's free hehe. That and shopping :) Miss reading your posts, Diane :)


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