Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 224 - To be heard

We are all blinded by our own beliefs and biases. I forgot the book where I encountered this quote. It might be in #GirlBoss or Think Like a Freak. But this has been the theme of the past week. It all started when I attended a small meeting. In the course of the discussion, there were some issues brought up. At that time, I felt it was inappropriate for me to express my dissenting thought. I kept quiet. A few days after, I had the chance to speak with one of the convenors. I related my sentiments. I tried my best to explain my point. The thing is, I'm not the best person to win arguments. Engaging in debates was never my turf. So most of the time, even though I have a valid point. I have supporting evidences, I ended adding another humiliating and stupidity story in my list of noted accomplishments. Hahaha 

During the weekend, I related my story to my friend M. What I thought as another sad and "crayola" saga became another night when you laugh at your own mistakes. We reached the conclusion that there are really people in our lives who possess that one great talent to make us feel dumb, stupid and like a huge sore loser. Aside from our mothers (hahahaha), there's  that one person endowed with all the intelligence to win all arguments. While this may appear as a great survival weapon, I sometimes don't wish to have this trait. The problem with people who always win arguments, they have a tendency to make the rest feel dumb and stupid. I remember once posting this in my Facebook account, you won the argument but never our sentiments. That was how I exactly felt after relating my sentiments. It's great to be surrounded with smart people. You learn from them. But there are times when listening and trying to acknowledge the reason behind someone else's sentiments serve as the "smarter" way to win an argument. However, some people are already blinded by their own set of beliefs or biases. The doors have been chained and locked up, long before you have attempted to knock. Knocking will be useless. You will never be heard in the first place.

Okay, I'm done. Hahaha Setting aside this serious and stupid aspect of my life, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

Another collection of vintage postcards - I visited again my favorite shop in Sta. Cruz Manila and was able to score some used and unused vintage cards. I hope my friends would love the cards as well.

Scenes from Escolta - I will always be one of the few old souls, who will never stop dreaming for Escolta. I hope this historical site be restored and preserved again. I'm always for heritage preservation. 

Another scarf - Thank you Mother E! for the cutest silk scarf. My second problem, how and where to wear this? Hahaha I need to have a trip soon.

Happy 150th  Birthday Beatrix Potter! - I never thought that the movie, Miss Potter, was about Beatrix Potter. I'm quite familiar with the story of Beatrix Potter but after watching the movie, my admiration just intensified. I love Beatrix Potter more!!!  Beatrix Potter lived in a time period when women are less empowered. Women are expected to get married and become dutiful wives. And those who don't get married are .... considered as outcasts. Hundreds of years passed, the culture is still prevalent. (Take it for the 30 year old single person in me) I was almost of the same age of Beatrix Potter, when she was on her way to publish her books. I admired how she chased her dreams. She knew exactly what she wanted. She was dedicated to her field. What I didn't expect was the love angle in Beatrix Potter's life. She was loved and I loved how it happened. 

July is over and I'm welcoming another month of surprises?! To more happy stories, crazy dinner with friends, postcards, freelance works and great movies! And oh, lesser meetings and a more quiet but productive life ... I guess hahahaha 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Milkman Dairy Bar's Edible Cookie Dough

I first discovered Milkman Dairy Bar's products via their Instagram account. It was not hard to become curious with their concept of cookie dough. When I saw photos of their product line, I was sure that this is something that will not disappoint. It appeared as a small but promising business, participates in trade shows and weekend markets and for a change, not mass produced. 

I made my purchase last week. I have money to spare and I was hoping to share it as a birthday gift for a friend and some family member. I placed my order via their website and everything went out smoothly. I paid via bank deposit, informed the seller and waited for my orders to be shipped. All my orders arrived before weekend. Given that the goods are served in bottles, I was impressed on how the items were carefully packed.

I ordered Red Velvet Oreo, Everything Nice and Grandma's Choco Chip. Among the kids at home,  Grandma's Choco Chip was the favourite. In my case, I love best Everything Nice. Red Velvet Oreo is also good, but I have to say it's my least favourite. 

More than the taste, I love the fact that I was not cheated with the contents of each bottle. The bottle was filled with dough. The middle part is not empty. Also, other ingredients such as the chocolate chips. pretzels, peanut butter bits, oreo cookie were evenly spread out. Unlike other bottled goods wherein the most awaited ingredients are only found on the first layer of the spread. 

The bottles were also carefully sealed and the most important consideration, expiry dates are provided. Kids and grown ups who remain to be kids at heart (hahaha) will surely love this unique product. As for me, I have to plan my next order with them. If only weight is not a problem, I would love to have this as a weekend treat. This is probably the only downside about the product. It is not meant to boost your self esteem if you have weight gain problems. Hahahaha

For more information about Milkman Dairy Bar, you can reach them via their website or Instagram account

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wing Stop Philippines

A week ago, me and my friend Anne had an unlikely meet up in Makati. The rare times we get to see the Makati malls! We were looking for a dinner place. In the middle of getting lost in Glorietta, (yes, I still have a hard time navigating the circular structure of the mall) we saw posters of the newly opened Wing Stop Philippines. We have been interested with Wing Stop Philippines. We thought it might be expensive given that it was franchised abroad. When I saw the posters along Glorietta, I thought we might give it a try. Since we both have poor navigation skills, it took us a lot of time and effort to finally locate it. The lady receptionist told us to proceed near Mc Donald's, turn right, turn left... I didn't anymore understand the succeeding directions. Hahaha When we were about to give up, we finally discovered its unlikely location. Turns out, it's near the pedestrian crossing to Landmark. If we were told that it's fronting Landmark, the search could have been simpler and easier.

We arrived in time for dinner. Good thing, the restaurant was quiet and unoccupied. (Tita of Manila feels hahahaha) We were able to find a comfortable seat. Ordering was almost easy not until we discovered that they have 14 flavors to choose from. What flavor to eat now? We chose the two-flavored bucket that comes with two pieces of free chicken wings in another flavor. We had Hot Buffalo, Louisiana Rub and Honey Garlic. Among the three, I love best the Louisiana Rub. The flavor was actually recommended by the service crew. Hot Buffalo was also good. It has enough spice although I felt that it has a mixture of lime and beer on the flavor dressing. Honey Garlic was just okay for me. We also ordered two cups of dirty rice and tall glasses of Coke. A little reminder to those who have intentions of trying Wing Stop, don't anymore upgrade the size of your softdrink. The tall glass is too much already, it felt like ordering a large Coke from McDonald's. Take it from me, who is so addicted to Coke. As for the yellow rice, it tasted like Star Margarine rice. Hahahaha But it's good, I actually like how it complemented the chicken flavors we had. All in all, we paid around Php 500 for the entire meal. I guess not bad at all considering the amount of servings.

Other things I love about Wing Stop is the cleanliness, customer service and unique interiors. I have to give 5 out 5 stars for cleanliness. From the walls, floors, trays, to the utensils. The staff are very customer oriented as well. I also like the cool interiors. And before I forget, they have decent wifi connection :p  I'll definitely recommend Wing Stop Philippines to everyone!

Check out Wing Stop Philippines via

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 223 - Blessings

There was just too much discovery and learning that happened this week. I'll start with the negative side. I got engaged...... in a spat. Hahahahaha If that engagement meant the real engagement, my parents would surely be the happiest. Hahahahahaha But seriously, I was provoked. Someone raised his / her voice against me. Added to this, I discovered someone who cheated me ... pertaining to work. Hahahaha Years ago, my reaction will surely be different. I will take everything and shut up. After years of growing up, I realized I have changed. As to how I did it, let that remain as an offline secret. 

Now for some good news, life has been pretty good over the past week. There were opportunities, treats and some other things to be thankful for. The highlight of everything, an unexpected support system from some relatives. I'm humbled by the fact that there are other people who love my family. , All the more I feel thankful because goodness still prevails. In a world filled with unscrupulous and heartless beings, it feels great to come home in a family filled with love and kindness.

Moving on, here are the other beautiful things that made my week

Edible Cookie Dough - Expect weight gain after looking at the photo. Hahahaha I discovered this product via Instagram. I love the concept presented by the owners. It's real cookie dough that can be eaten raw! I'll blog about these one of these days. Check them out on Instagram here.

New place for the best Chicken Wings - Before the week ended, I met my friend A. We tried this new restaurant specializing in chicken wings. Me and my friend A have one mission in life: to discover and try all the best chicken wings in town. Hahahaha Can you recommend us places for the best chicken wings?

Trip to Common Room - If only I had more money to spare, I would have purchased more postcards and other handicrafts. I went to Rockwell Powerplant for a client call yesterday. I don't visit the mall because it's far from home and as most of my Filipino friends know, it is just too high end. Hahaha For the first time, I saw a Kate Spade boutique in Manila. I also noticed the Repetto shop. As much as I wanted to window shop, I was taken aback because there were no shoppers. I felt shy and intimidated. I initially planned to check out Fab Manila and Laduree. Unfortunately, I enjoyed time at Common Room. I forgot about the plan when I was heading back home. Sayang!!!

Ash and Muff's Reversible Tote - Thank you to Team Ash and Muff. I'm a proud and happy owner of their newest product offering, the Liberty Bag. It's actually a reversible bag. Check out the versatility here.

Product find from Landmark - Another great find from one of my favorite places. I rarely visit Landmark so every trip to Makati meant dropping by the Home Section of Landmark. I found several items on sale including this bottle shaped planter. It was sold at a discounted price because of the damages. You might find me weird but I actually love the fractures and damages. My father said he would help me find the perfect plant for this. Yay!

It will be the last week of July tomorrow. I'm not sure what's in store for me for the succeeding months. There are opportunities showing up and I hope, some will push through. Wishing everyone a happy Sunday and a great week ahead!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ross de Jesus of San Miguel Manila

My weirdest obsession with used postcards is back. For those who are new in my blog, I developed this interest of buying used postcards last year. Checking back my posts, the first used postcard I featured was in August 2015. It has been roughly a year since I engage in this weird hobby. Most of my used postcards were bought from the vintage and antique shop near Sta. Cruz Church. You can find the details here.

To date, I have six used postcards and envelopes in my collection. I initially thought that my favourite shop already ceased operations. The kiosk is always closed during the past months I visited. However, the story changed when I went home early last week. After a short trip to Escolta, I decided to pass by the area again. Much to my surprise, the shop was open. Turns out, the couple who runs the shop are Muslims. Perhaps on the times when I dropped by, they were engaged in some fasting activities. Hence, the temporary closure. So all is well now. Haha I'm a happy kid again.

Even with a struggling wallet, I bought some vintage postcards for my friends. I also rummaged the pile of dusty cards and was fortunate to discover another used postcard. Unlike my previous finds, this postcard is relatively young to be considered as vintage. It dates back 1988, based on the postmark. The stamps could have made another verification. Unfortunately, it has been peeled off already.

The card is only 28 years old, but its condition made it look older. The other postcard I got that dates back 1966 looks even better. The paper's skin discolouration went so bad as well. My guess is that the paper has been thoroughly exposed to extreme weather conditions. This in effect also caused further lightening of the pen's ink. It will take a little effort before anyone can fully read and understand the writing. I tried my best to get a clearer photo of the handwriting. Unfortunately, this is the best my photo editing skills can achieve. 

I tried my best to read and understand the letter. Apologies to my foreign friends, I cannot fully translate its contents. In a nutshell, the sender is a Filipino immigrant stationed in Canada. The immigrant related his / her struggles while living in Ontario Canada. He / She has to work in the morning and attend classes in a state college in the evening. I initially thought that the sender was a working student. Probably, someone who is on his / her early 20s. I can't really tell. What surprised me was the parting words containing a very Filipino request,  kayo na po ang bahalang magpayo sa mga bata.  (#MMK Story feels, hahaha) The sender was requesting the recipient to take care and guide the children. There was even a mention of another name, Freddie, whom I believe was the husband or the sender? So this confirms that the sender is probably a wife and a mother. Or I might have been referring to the sender as a migrant worker instead. 

With these information, I already started crafting different stories in my mind. Hahaha What remains unclear, what is the relationship of the sender to the recipient. The sender addressed the recipient as Mamang (for the male) and Papang (for the female). The Filipino version for Mama and Papa. I can't really conclude because some Filipinos in the South addressed their grandparents as Mamang and Papang. So I guess, the sender was a grandchild who left her children to her grandparents. 

I tried to search the address through Instant Street View. I'm not well versed with the names of the streets in Manila. I tried Padilla St. and was later directed to Nicanor Padilla St. Both are in San Miguel Manila. I'm not sure if the two streets are one. Although part of me believes because the images from Instant Street View showcased a residential site. 

One of the houses in this area belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Ross de Jesus, the owners of the postcard.  

So this is how far my online search skills can extend. I believe there are other means to trace the sender and owner of the postcard. I'm interested to know whether the sender was reunited with the kids and the husband. I assume. Probably, all the people in the postcard already migrated to Ontario or they eventually remained and settled in Manila.. or any other place in the Philippines.

If anyone has leads, I'm really interested to know. :) 

See my other used postcards and envelope collections here

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 222 - Confused

For the lack of adjective... it's complicated. This was how the past week went. I wouldn't say that having that element of being complicated is bad. There were sources and instances of negativities. But mostly are made of situations I underestimated. What I thought as a simple problem happens to have more problems underneath. What I initially perceived easy, wasn't. For the longest time, I thought I was able to defeat the challenge. Only to later discover, I just overcame a level of what seems to be an endless pit of painful learning experiences. 

I also relearned the meaning of trust. It's a given fact that betrayal ruins trusts. This week though, I discovered that sometimes, you don't need to feel betrayed to lose the trust you have invested. Actions and other forms of unsaid languages ironically speaks and screams more.

If I had things my way, I would have preferred to discuss and confront issues. The past years, I learned that I cannot engage everyone to open communication. Along the way, I have unintentionally offended a few because I chose to express my sentiments. I find it very ironic how some people would demand honesty and loyalty ... yet at the end of the day, they cannot even confront their own issues and complaints against other people. I chose to be honest. But I was judged for speaking the truth. Learning point: I'll follow Daniel Padilla's advice. Shut up na lang ako. Hahahaha  

A few days ago, a number of my Facebook friends was feasting over a particular photo upload. In my opinion, such photo showcasing a personal document should not have been uploaded. But then again, who am I to judge? What I didn't like though, people or authorities more knowledgeable about the implications of that photo upload, didn't seem to mind at all. They exchanged comments they thought as humorous. How I wish I can relate the details of the document. But for my personal safety hahahahaha I'd rather shut up again. 

Setting aside this serious and boring aspect of my life, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

What should weekends be - A great read and a box of discounted muffins...just because it's about to expire tomorrow. Hahahahaha The cheapskate in me buys bread about to expire just because my wallet cannot afford the original fresh price. And that book in the photo, will always be a personal favorite. 

Hub | Make Lab - I was finally able to visit this independent seller market at the historic Escolta. Unfortunately, there were only a few stores open when I visited. This unique market place showcases products you don't often see in department stores.

Vinyl Records - I scored these vinyl records from the Hub | Make Lab. New Kids  on the Block is for the win! I grew up hearing my elder cousins loving the group. New Kids on the Block is like One Direction of the late 80s to early 90s. My only wish though, a gramophone to experience it for real.

Vintage Postcards - A few steps from Escolta is my favorite shop across Sta. Cruz Church. I thought the shop already closed. Only to later learned that the owners temporarily close the shop for fasting, arising from the period of Ramadan. I can't wait to send these to their would be real owners soon. :) Check out this post, in case you are interested with my favorite vintage shop. 

What happens behind an Instagram photo - Hahahahahah Happy Birthday to my ever supportive Dad! My only wish for him is good health and lots of reasons to laugh. True to the picture, my Dad has been the "unaware" supporter of my blog and Instagram feed. Some of the photos you see in my blog and IG account are made possible with him. 

And just like that I realized that its already halfway July. Still can't catch up with how fast each month flies. 

Happy Sunday everyone! 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 221 - Something good

The past week was probably one of the longest in my life .... in a positive way. For a change, hahahahaha and probably for the first time, I'm writing something positive. It started on Monday when I took a leave from work. Monday was part of my staycation with my friend A. We watched TV all night long, woke up without the alarms from our mobile phone, had a sumptuous breakfast from the hotel, and enjoyed the mall without the crowd. I was also able to finally find my own copy of I'll Give You the Sun. The Godiva Chocolates were from my friend A. It's not everyday when you can see an expensive brand of chocolates inside our ref. Thanks A! Everyone at home appreciated the rare appearance of the expensive box. Hahaha 

I blogged about the Peter Rabbit coin in my previous post. I cannot anymore deny that I have a growing and wallet wrecking Peter Rabbit collection. I used to be addicted with the commemorative plates. This time however, I wanted to focus on the books and Peter Rabbit dolls. 

Of all the letters I wish to send - I almost thought I would end June without writing letters and sending postcards to my dearest friends. Work schedule, rainy day afternoons, financial constraints, I've been avoiding writing letters for a while. Before June ended, I'm glad that I was able to break my silence. 

Missing my family - Have you seen my family picture? Hahahahahaha My belly is the screaming proof of my membership! Hahahaha But seriously, I look lighter in that photo. I've seen my tagged pictures in Facebook lately.... I cringe. I gained another 5 lbs since that photo was taken. How to? How to not lose weight, rather, how to unlike Coke, potato chips, cake slices, and all those mortal sins? Beneath the photo is a major throwback. Upon organizing my things, I saw my first ever payslip!!!!

Loving the colder temperature - It has been raining in Manila for over a week. There were days when work and classes were suspended. Setting aside the hassles of traffic and commuting, I love the colder temperature brought by the rainy season. Pillows, blankets and a great read, priceless! Despite all the grown up worries, the colder temperature has been conducive in giving me the rest I badly needed. 

Months ago, I had a conversation with another friend. She shared an article suggesting ways on how to avoid sadness, self-pity and depression. The article recommended avoiding exposure on Facebook and other social media platforms. Once in a while you see photos of friends showcasing their achievements in life: new house, car, work promotion and other milestones that often define the parameters of "success." In one way or another, seeing the success of my friends brings a degree of self-pity. For some, they simply call it as envy. I will not argue about the element of envy. However, I will not deny that at some point, I'm also attacked by self-pity whenever I see Facebook friends of my age sharing their own success stories. This is actually one reason why I start to appreciate Instagram than Facebook. Twitter is good, except when I see agitating tweets enough to ruin my day. Hahahaha I hope people will not get me wrong. I'm not wishing that everyone will refrain from posting their stories of success. It's just that somewhere along the way... I can't help but wish that I'll have my own story of success too. Not to brag on Facebook, but something to remind me that once in a while, I have done something good.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Staycation at Microtel Inn and Suites

Me and my friend A have been planning to have a hotel staycation for the longest time. Our usual problem, more than the schedule is the $$$$$ :p I was always in the look for great deals from Agoda. More often than not, we end up too late for the deals. And as always, financial considerations is always there to ruin everything. Hahaha  I can't exactly remember how we landed in Microtel Mall of Asia. As far as I can remember, I was browsing Agoda's deals and the cheapest I found was from Microtel. What made us decide to go for Microtel is the inclusive package (room with a view, two separate beds, breakfast) for less  than Php 5,000. 

Microtel belongs to the cluster of economy hotels. We didn't mind because that's how far our budget can afford Hahahaha and we have other plans, apart from lounging in the hotel. Unfortunately, it was profusely raining when we checked in. Hence our other plans were scrapped off. We end up strolling around SM Mall of Asia (that is full of construction and renovation projects), bought a lot of junk foods, ate the best chicken wings and watched TV all night long... while enjoying the seaside view.

We enjoyed our stay at Microtel, except for some minor concerns. We arrived a little late than our check in time. If my estimates are correct, a little past 2:30 pm. A little disappointment came, we were informed that our room was not yet ready. The waiting time was tolerable though. When we finally reached our room, another problem surprised us. The air-conditioning unit was not properly working. I requested to be moved to another room instead. Unfortunately, it took me three phone calls before our request was finally granted. When we moved to another room, I was able to confirm minor lapses from the hotel's end. The second room was complete with toiletries, sachets of coffee and some bottled water. While I maybe demanding a lot from an economy hotel, I also noticed an unlikely odor inside the room. It smelled like the room has not been ventilated for a while. But never mind, we left our things and bought some items from SM Mall of Asia. 

Customer service wise, the utility personnel who helped us transfer rooms was great. What didn't impress me though, the ladies in the Front Desk. Yes, unfortunately.... I wasn't contented with the lady who initially handled my complaint about the malfunctioning air-conditioning unit. Upon check out, the on duty lady receptionist annoyed me to a little extent. I was the lone guest waiting in the front desk area for check out. The lady receptionist was attending a phone call on the other end of the desk. After the phone call, I handed the keycard for check out. She didn't bother to extend her hand or at the very least, approach me. Instead, I was forced to move near her. Considering the fact that I waited and it will be inconvenient for me to approach her ..... I have to give thumbs down for front desk services. 

On the positive side, we enjoyed our comfiest and spacious beds, the seaside view, unlimited and reliable wifi services that extends to the rooms,  complimentary breakfast buffet. (excellent selections) and the hourly shuttle services to Mall of Asia.