Sunday, April 9, 2017

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When this year started, I developed a new interest. Decorating my planner, or if this can qualify as "journaling", then let it count as my new found venture. I have been maintaining planners over the past years, but most contained text accounts of my usual day. Back when I regained my interest in blogging, everything has been transferred in this online platform. The additional social media accounts also made me more attached with other online mechanisms. I thought there's no more turning back from the manual approach. But my constant exposure to Instagram changed everything. I discovered communities of bloggers and non-bloggers showcasing their traditional planners and journals. This time though, a different and higher level creativity is involved. I discovered Moleskines, Midori Notebooks to simple planners with drawings, paintings, calligraphy works and what seems to be a different level of scrapbooking. 

In my case, I don't know how to paint, draw or render a calligraphy work. I used to draw in my Elementary days. Looking back, part of me is wishing I still have the interest. My skills would have improved and I have a creative outlet on the side. For now, I content myself with a little scrapbooking approach in my planner. 

A few months ago, the people behind offered to send me some planner goodies. I received some washi tapes, jute string, desk decor and a kinetic toy.  My favorite has to be the washi tapes. I love seeing a stack of washi tapes of different colors and design. My weird self finds it therapeutic and refreshing. Aside from decorating my planner, the tapes will be useful for my other interests, like letter writing and postcards. Thank you These goodies will go a long way.:)  

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