Thursday, September 28, 2017

6 Ways to Re-vamp Your Bedroom

Autumn is here, and a new season means a new you right? Well, maybe not completely, but you can certainly try out some awesome new styles. If you want to freshen up your room a little, or you’re starting a new year at uni, here are a few easy and affordable ways you can switch up your bedroom.

Okay, so there are tons of awesome DIY options out there to try. If you enjoy getting crafty and want some fun things to do, then DIY is the option for you. Whether you prefer sewing or painting, you should check some of these great ideas out. There are plenty of awesome DIYs on YouTube and Pinterest too, for endless inspiration. 

So most interior designers will love to tell you about how important lighting is, and they are not lying! But you don’t need to spend lots of money to improve the lighting in your room. Fairy lights are very trendy right now, and you will find lots of fun styles to choose from, but the simplest ones are perfect too. You can often pick them up for as cheap as two pounds, and with Christmas on the way, fairy lights will soon be in every shop.

If you want to instantly change the style of your room, the biggest focal point in your bedroom is your bed. A fresh new set of sheets and some blankets and cushions, is the easiest way to change the whole theme of your bedroom. has tons of options in good quality fabric, which can be delivered straight to your home. 

Wall Hangings 
What you choose to put on your walls will often be a reflection of your interests, and it’s a great way to show off what you love. It’s also another easy option to change your bedroom’s style, because you can easily switch up your posters and pictures. Postcards and art prints make great wall collages, as do Polaroids of you and your friends or family. 

So, it’s not really cheap to rip up your floor and lay down a new one. But if you really want to change it, then your easiest and more budget-friendly option is investing in a large rug. There are tons to choose from, and they will add a splash of colour and texture to your room, you can even make your ownRugs are also great if you have hard flooring, especially with winter on its way. 

A Touch of Nature 
Whether you have a garden or not, indoor plants are great. They are the easiest way to add colour and life into your room, and they come in all kinds of fabulous shapes and sizes. You can get large potted ones, small and cute succulents, and even plants you can hang from your ceiling. If you’re not so good at keeping plants alive, your best bet is a hardy cactus. You can also go for fake ones, or a vase of artificial flowers to brighten up your room. 

I hope these tips and ideas helped you out. Make sure to share any of your own great ideas down in the comments!


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