Friday, December 22, 2017

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Bed for You

Did you know that a third of your life is spent in your bed? it is, therefore, vital that you take your time to choose the right bed for you. 

Your bed will dictate the quality of the sleep you get thereby directly affecting your productivity during the day and quality of life in general. How we look, perform, interact, feel and live is dependent on the amount of sleep you get. Choosing the right bed for you is not a simple task and you need to take several factors into consideration. Below are five steps to help you choose the right bed for you.

1. Physically Test Before Buying

Ensure you visit several stores and try out the beds before settling on a particular one. Don't assume that a particular bed will suit you just by looking at it. Lie on it right there in the store and get a feel for the bed. Support requirements will differ between individuals due to differences in weight and build, so a bed that suits one particular person may not suit you accordingly. It is, therefore, imperative that you personally test out any bed before purchasing.

2. Consider Size

You should ensure that you pick a bed that is the right size for your height. It can be uncomfortable to sleep with your legs scrunched up simply because the bed's too short for you. Also, consider whether you’ll be sharing the bed or not and how much room space you have. It would be impractical for you to buy a bed that doesn't fit in your room in the first place or doesn't leave you enough room to move.

3. Consider Your Sleeping Habits

Are you the type that sleeps comfortably in one position throughout the night or do you toss and turn frequently? If you are the type to toss and turn, then you need a stable bed, most preferably a solid wood bed. People who toss and turn need a long-lasting bed that can withstand movement and makes no sounds.

4. Appearance

Apart from just considering the functionality, you also need to look at the room’s interior design when choosing your bed. You will need to pay attention to the headboard, the footboard, and shape in relation to the bedroom’s design. You might be stuck with this particular bed for a long time, so it has to meet your particular taste and preference.

5. Insist on Quality

You will need to spend a little bit more cash to ensure you get a quality bed. Don't buy a used or a cheap bed to lower costs if you can afford a better one; you might end up paying heavily for it in future. A bad bed will lead to back and neck problems and you may need to see a doctor or chiropractor, which may add to your expenses. You don't have to buy the most expensive bed, but don't buy the cheapest either.


If you are unsure of which bed best suits you, then you should seek advice from a bed expert. You could also do in-depth online research on all the different types of beds before deciding to make a particular purchase. Do not be in a hurry to buy the first bed you come across. Remember, you just might be stuck with it for years to come.

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