Friday, December 22, 2017

The Best Types of Carpet for Families with Kids

 Whenever you have kids in the house, the one thing you can be sure of is there will be spills and stains on carpets and furniture, even if the little ones are minded well. That’s part of the territory when raising a family and if you think they will spill less as they grow older, think again! Kids are notoriously messy and until they reach an age where they appreciate the cost of things, you will have messes to clean up. In the meantime, you need new carpet in your home, and as you have kids in the house, what kind of carpet is best?
 Stain Resistant Carpeting 

What many people don’t quite get about stain-resistant carpeting is that it is not stainproof. Stain-resistant means exactly that, it is easier to clean and will resist some stains, but dark fruit juices and tomato sauces will invariably leave a stain, albeit a faint one if washed quickly and properly. The best advice would be to keep kids off carpeting when they are eating foods that can easily spill off plates or out of cups. Many parents are able to do this, so stain-resistant carpeting works well for them.

Low-Pile Carpeting is Easier to Clean

If you are looking for inexpensive carpeting that can be cleaned easily, you might want to check out Big Warehouse Sale for what is called low-pile carpet. This refers to both the height of the fibres and the density and, as the name would suggest, low-pile carpet is much easier to keep clean. Not only is it less likely to get caught in the rotating beater on your vacuum, but spills can be cleaned more easily as there are fewer and shorter fibres to mop up. Low-pile carpet is not always stain-resistant, but most stain-resistant carpet is made with a low-pile fibre.

Carpet Squares May Work Best

Since you know that kids are apt to spill and are messy by nature, have you considered carpeting high-traffic rooms or kids play areas with carpet squares? These can be installed in a single colour or can be checkerboard with two or more colours and quite modern when finished. The next time you go to a nursery or even some restaurants, look for checkerboard carpet squares on the floor. If one should get stained, it’s very easy to quickly pull up that square to be replaced with a new one stored away in a closet or in the garage. It is recommended that you keep a few of each colour on hand for just these circumstances.

To sum it up, the best types of carpet for families with kids are those which can be easily cleaned and are stain-resistant. Although wool is a fibre that wears well over time, it isn’t suggested that you use natural fibre with kids because they stain easily. Low-pile synthetic fibres are easily cleaned, do not stain and are quicker to dry since water doesn’t penetrate the fibres as easily as it does with natural fibre. Remember, kids will be kids so choose your carpet carefully.

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