Tuesday, January 2, 2018

How your Home Business Can Benefit from a Company Vehicle

For many people who work from home, they choose to do so for a myriad of reasons; perhaps they don’t want to commute, they want to have the flexibility to look after their family and not be restricted by standard office hours, or maybe they live too far from their office. Whatever the reason may be, your home business may benefit from having a company vehicle. 

Easier for Meetings
Sometimes, there are some meetings that you cannot conduct over the internet. On those occasions, you might need to travel to meet prospective clients. Although you can use your own car, it is often more practical to have a car specifically for business travel so that impact on family life is kept to a minimum. 

A Professional Impression
When you have a business, your clients will be expecting a professional. If you arrive to see customers or clients with a car full of children’s toys and gum boots and pushchairs, you may be doing your business a disservice by the impression that you are giving. Having your own company vehicle helps to support your brand. It also means you don’t need to remove anything from your family car to do meetings or customer visits. 

More Time Efficient
If you rely on public transport to visit clients or go to meetings, you will probably know how much time you spend waiting for connections. It can also be frustrating when you miss your connection and have to wait a long time for the next one. That time can be better spent working or gaining new clients. It also makes for a less professional image if you arrive late for your appointments and could cost your work in the long term. 

Safe Place for Materials
If you are a tradesperson, then you will need somewhere to store your materials and tools when you are not working. Although you can store them at home, you will have to reload your vehicle every time you have a call. It is worth researching which of the Mercedes commercial vehicles suit your business needs. They are designed for commercial purposes, and have added features that are relevant to commercial requirements that domestic cars are lacking in.

A Marketing Opportunity
Having a dedicated vehicle for your business gives you a big opportunity to get some free advertising. With vans especially, you have a big space on the side that you can use to advertise your company and what you do. You can also place all your social media accounts and other contact details on the side. If you are able to provide a landline number as well as a cell phone number, this gives the public a greater sense of trust in your business.

While you don’t always need to have your business vehicle, the benefits of having one can outweigh the negatives. You just need to choose the right vehicle for your company and make sure you utilize the marketing opportunities for your business. 

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