Monday, April 9, 2018

Beautiful Sunday # 312 - The Irony

Again, my usual Sunday post was late. ;) I thought I have the luxury of time this long weekend. Problem is, I enjoyed sleep too much. :p I rested the entire Saturday. I started a freelance work on Sunday morning, attended another family dinner and the rest was another sleeping spree. The only excuse I can make for my sleepiness was the cough and colds I acquired last week. I'm not sure if it's the bipolar weather to blame. A friend told me it must be because of the excessive papers (tons of survey questionnaires) at the workplace. I initially dismissed the idea, but the memories documented from my old planners seem to establish this idea to a fact. The months I suffered from cough and colds happen whenever this recurring task occur. I still need Science to prove it. But one thing sure though, I can't wait for this task to end. 

A few weeks ago, I remember ranting something about work in a previous post. I mentioned, it's not hard to become a good employee. The real challenge is how to remain a good, when everyone around is not. How to become honest, even when everyone is becoming dishonest. How to become hardworking, when everyone make it appear that lazier is better. A few days ago, I was in the grocery waiting for  my turn at the cashier. An old lady before me requested that some of her purchases be removed. I initially didn't understand what was going on because I was wearing my earphones. I started to understood everything when the cashier started to call the attention of the store manager. The old lady was short of Php 20. I volunteered to chip in the amount. The old lady said thank you without looking at my face. I didn't mind, it was okay. :) What somehow shocked me was the side comment made by the cashier and grocery bagger. I was a few steps away from them when I overheard their conversation. 

Tutulong din pala, dapat kanina pa binigay. Hindi tuloy tayo nagtagal.
(We could have finished earlier if she (referring to me) could have handed the Php 20 earlier.) Nice one!

Another similar experience, I was expecting to pay around Php 100 for the pack of Yakult and face mask from a drugstore. To my surprise, I was only charged Php 50. I examined the receipt before leaving and discovered that the cashier only punched one bottle of Yakult. I returned, explained her mistake and paid the correct amount. I was about to leave when I heard the security guard and bagger saying, ay ang tanga niya, buumalik pa. (Stupid girl, why did she bothered to return)

Sigh... So true enough, there are days when doing right does not seem to be alright. We expect honesty, but some people mock and ridicule the act of being honest. 

Okay, I'm done with my rant. :p Like the usual Sundays, here are more photos from the past week.

It finally arrived. :) Thank you Leah and Mother E for making this purchase possible. Our favorite, Cath Kidston, is selling limited edition merchandise for its 25th anniversary. I was able to acquire this wallet showcasing the first Cath Kidston store in Clarendon Cross. You can learn more about this commemorative item from Leah's post

Something from Netherlands - Thank you Marieken :) Aside from the card, Marieken is ensuring that I get to have the best stamps from Netherlands.

Another happy mail - Thank you Terra for this beautiful friendship card. It's one of my favorites now.

And some #bookstagram scenes from last week

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! 


  1. Hey Dianne, I miss commenting on your blog. Haist, I so feel you gurl! But I applaud you on still being right. Bihira na yan nowadays. Your pictures are still amazing as ever!

  2. You are so good to spread honesty and sunshine in the world, no matter the negative comments. I see The Rosie Project book in your photo, did you read it? I liked it a lot.

  3. Wow, the nerve of those people to make side comments! Hindi na talaga ang uso ang moral compass ngayon which is sad. So far I haven't encountered anything of that experience here. Nagpapasalamat pa nga sila that you're honest.

    Hindi uso ang holiday for me. Of course pumasok ako thinking I can go home early but lo and behold, may 3 projects na rush kaagad for that day. Naging holiday + OT tuloy yung ending. Haaayysss!

  4. That feather card arrived very quickly :-)


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