Saturday, June 9, 2018

Genetics 101: A Brief Discussion


Have you ever thought how do you become yourself? It must have intrigued you at some point in time. You must know that your environment and your genes influence the person you become. Genes affect your behavior. Your genes are unique, except for the case when you have an identical twin. Half of your genes come from your father and the other half come from your mother, who in turn got their genes from their parents and so on. Therefore, to educate you more on genes here's a discussion on the same.

How are genes important?

The doctors and the scientists use the genetic information to cure, treat, diagnose, prevent many illnesses. Are you thinking of how to define genes? You can describe genes as instructions followed by your body to make proteins that it needs to survive and grow. When the scientists identify these proteins, they understand the way your body works and what are the reasons due to which the system gets disrupted. They believe that this knowledge leads to better and effective treatment and medicines

Do you know about the Human Genome Project?

Scientists in 1990 started the Human Genome Project. It was a vast international project which aimed to decipher all the genetic information by the year 2003. The scientists wanted to understand the content of one's body's genetic material which is often called as the 'instruction manual' by knowing and locating each gene instruction. He completed a rough draft of his project in June 2000. It was a massive landmark in understanding how genes help one to become who they are. All the ongoing research of today that aims to treat diseases with the help of genetic information stems from the reports produced by the Human Genome Project. You can also look for Bikini Bottom Genetics Incomplete Dominance Answers

How do genes affect your health?

Genes remain one of the main factors in determining the chances of having various diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, etc.  There are other factors such as diet and lifestyle as well. There are many genetic and non-genetic factors affecting our health which the scientists and doctors aim to know so that they can treat diseases more effectively.

What causes genetic conditions?

Genetic conditions are caused by the DNA that one inherits from his/her ancestors. There are a considerable number of genetic conditions, as much as 10,000. These together affect over two million people in the USA alone. Some diseases like sickle cell and cystic fibrosis cause concern for the health of those who inherit them.   

What is genetic engineering?

Scientists in medicine are using genetic engineering. Some of them are studying human diseases, and others are developing medicines. Though, some people are concerned about the safety of using engineered products. Researchers are breeding genetically modified organisms.

Hence, you must have gained an overall knowledge about genes and how they affect you as a person. You must have known how they affect your health conditions as well as behavior. 


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