Thursday, December 6, 2018

Little Known Facts About Bulacan

The province of Bulacan is one of the most popular provinces in the Philippines, located just 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) away from the city of Manila. Established in 1878, the place nicknamed the “Land of Heroes” or the “Northern Gateway from Manila” is a sight to behold with many amazing places to visit, food to experience, and people to interact with.

Beyond the obvious facts like its rich history and tradition, especially its significance during the Philippine Revolution, Bulacan has so much more to offer. 

Here are a few little-known facts about this amazing province that may just convince you to visit, or even maybe invest in a home to live there.

Angat Watershed Reservation

The Angat Watershed is a 62,300-hectare land just south of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Located just between Dona Remedios Trinidad in Norzagaray and Bulacan’s own San Jose Del Monte, the reservation is an amazing place that houses Angat River – supplying water to both the La Mesa Dam and the Angat Dam. The former brings water to Metro Manila and even portions of Cavite, while the latter irrigates over 30,000 hectares of agricultural lands within Bulacan and even provides 200 megawatts of hydroelectric power for the Luzon grid. The area is also home to about 500 indigenous families in the Dumagat tribe, and also is protected by the Department of Natural Resources (DENR)’s major forest protection and conservation efforts.

Home of the Famous Inipit

Before the famous snack “inipit” became a mass-produced grocery staple, it was actually handmade at bakeries all over Bulacan. This scrumptious dessert originated in the city of Malolos, sandwiching a delicious custard between two pieces of light, fluffy cakes, and a sugary topping.

They Have Their Own Empanada and Ensaymada

While most regions have their own versions of empanada and ensaymada, Malolos in Bulacan also has their own takes. Empanadang Kaliskis is a croissant-looking tasty crispy snack, while their Malolos ensaymada features a ham and cheese filling inside their plate-sized servings.

You Can Go Spelunking in San Miguel

Madlum Cave in Biak Na Bato Park, San Miguel is one of two caverns – one where you can go feed your hunger for adrenaline. In addition to the cave’s interesting trek, you can swim, raft, and cross makeshift bridges just to reach their breathtaking sights including limestone formations and interesting animals in their natural habitats.

You Can Cliff Dive

While cliff diving is often associated with places like Boracay, the fact is that Bulacan has its own hidden treasure – Dona Remedios Trinidad Bulacan’s Verdivia Falls. The name was inspired by the Spanish word for green, “verde,” because of the fall’s green-ish looking waters. Only a short trek from Barangay Talbak, Verdivia Falls is an amazing place to swim at and jump into the unchlorinated waters – all for just Php 10 as an entrance fee. You can even pay Php 200 for a tourist guide for a party of up to 10 people.

It Housed One of the Country’s Earliest Posh Communities

Bulacan was home to some of the earliest posh communities, which traces its roots as early as the Anglo-American war. Many Chinese based in the Philippines had fought on the British side and eventually married into Filipino families in order to escape deportation. The Americans kept these Chinese mestizos in one place – including families of the Reyeses, Tantocos, Cojuancos, and Uitancoys – and the area eventually became known as Kamestizuhan.

You Can Rappel Down Norzagaray’s Own Eiffel Tower

Yes, you read right – Norzagaray has its own replica of the world-famous Eiffel Tower, and you can rappel down from it. Just an hour’s drive away from Manila, this little taste of Paris is located within Adventure Resort in Gulad, Tigbe. The tower has a 40-foot anchor point you can rappel from, and the resort also has a 40-foot high zip line, a mudslide, and a wall-climbing facility – perfect for adrenaline junkies and even first-time adventure seekers.

Bulacan is an astonishing place to visit and live in. With fun, unique things to do and places to visit, there’s really no reason to start checking it out. Who knows, you may even like it enough to end up living there – after all, it’s just minutes away from the bustling Metro Manila lifestyle.

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