Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 355 - Wish List

If there's anything that made the past weekend other than sleep, it's food. Lots of carbs, sugar and anything that cause weight gain. :p Maybe, I can be forgiven if I'm doing some exercise. But lately, the religious routine of exercising three times a week is gone. I have been using spare hours to either sleep or check my social media accounts. I read my journal entries last year and much to my surprise, I was able to carry out a 5-day exercise?!? Where did I get the strength and inspiration last year? I haven't checked my weight lately and I don't have plans until I get my drive to exercise again. :p

Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Seeing the world need not cost an arm and a leg, or all of next year’s salary. With a little savvy and plenty of patience, it is feasible to go from shore to shore on a shoestring. The key to making the best of your money is careful planning as well as a clear itinerary, which will allow you to carefully itemize your potential expenses as well as have a little set aside for emergencies. Read on for more tips and lifehacks for the cash-strapped jetsetter, or just anyone traveling on a budget. 

4 tips to design your dorm room to maximize productivity and creativity

Living on your own is a daunting experience. You don’t have anyone to cook for you, do the laundry, and even wake yourself up in the morning. You are literally on your own managing your studies and personal life. And because you are living in a dormitory, you are bound to have a roommate. It is not just space you will share but even stories, secrets and memorable experiences which will compromise much of your college life. It is important then to have good communication with your roommate then.
On average a dorm is around 228 square feet. It indeed pays to maximize each space for both study and extracurricular activities. While there is a bunch of things your parents would want you to bring, but you should know which is necessary and which is not. 

Eating Habits all University Students Must do


University or college life is a roller coaster ride. The tons of requirements and the stressful time management leads to unhealthy eating patterns and intermittent sleeping habits. But just because you are busy does not mean you can’t live healthy. In most cases, university students tend to be inconsistent with their habits and established patterns when they are at home. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 354 - That familiar sadness

The past weekends, as always, don't feel enough. Saturdays are devoted for getting that much needed sleep. Sundays are for freelance works or if not, some take home tasks from teaching. As much as I'd like to say that time is not enough, I was reminded by the fact that all of us have the same 24 hours. This brings me, maybe I'm either loaded with work or too poor on time management. I'm inclined to believe in the latter. I sleep the entire day. I spent so much time in my mobile phone. I lie in bed either thinking of nothing or worrying about everything. That's how life has been over the past weekends. It feels as if everything has been programmed. Somehow, I feel useless and worthless.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 353 - Bothered

I woke up feeling worried this morning. I dreamt losing one of my teeth. I grew up hearing the belief of elder family members, it signals an upcoming death. I felt bothered even though over time, I read a number of articles relating a different meaning. Some experts claimed that losing your teeth in a dream signifies the presence of stress, having fears on death and aging, symbolizes a new start, undergoing a life changing state and sometimes, insinuates the presence of anxiety. The articles I read seemed to provide the valid explanations. I have so much fears and worries lately. I'm on a stage of making decisions. I'm feeling restless with the unexpected workload. A freelance work has also been testing my patience, I'm forced to do something impossible. I feel like a mess. I feel so disorganized. My thoughts are all scattered. All these probably explained my dream. If there's anything that can comfort me these days, it's the presence of supportive friends and family, great food and the thought that nothing stays permanent. Soon enough, this will be over and I will be moving on a new stage. Hopefully, a better state. 

Korean Green Onion Salad : The Filipino Way

Last week, I was too excited to introduce Samgyeopsal to my least adventurous family members. Prior to the weekend, I read a number of food blogs showcasing their own DIY samgyeopsal. I came across My Korean Kitchen and encountered for the first time, Korean Spicy Green Onion Salad