Friday, June 14, 2019

4 home decorating tips to brighten up the rainy season


When the rains come down, so can the mood thanks to the grey skies hiding all sunlight. While there is not much you can do about the atmosphere outside, there are some simple tricks you can do to banish the blues inside your home. With the clever use of color and throwing in a few simple accessories, you can take your residence from blah to cheery even in the bleakest of conditions. 

1. Accessorize with a warm color palette

During the rainy season, it is best to use a color scheme that contrasts with the blues, greys, and other subdued colors brought about by the weather. This doesn’t mean that you must repaint the whole house or redesign the interior just to spruce it up. Simply changing around décor such as throw pillows, beddings, seat covers, tablecloths, or even the curtains can do much to brighten up a room. Select warm and vibrant colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges, or even earth tones such as vivid browns and ochre. These hues can still pop and stand out even if the house has an overall neutral color scheme; strategic positioning of small items such as colourful cushions on a white sofa can really cheer up the space. You can also mirror the scheme with wall hangings or even your shelf displays of your collections. You can easily switch any of these accessories out again for those in another color scheme when the seasons change. 

2.Try a brightly patterned door mat to protect against the mud

With the rains come mud and floods, all of which can leave unsightly tracks on the floor. Beat the stains and give your visitors a welcome by placing mats at the front door or even in between different rooms in the house. Doormats and rugs come in a whole rainbow of colors and a wide variety of patterns to suit whatever theme you have at home. You can pick durable materials such as coco fiber, or even go for upcycled area rugs made from old rags and other preloved materials. Always make sure that the rugs have non-skid backing to help prevent accidents, and that they can be easily washed after days of use! 

3.Bring in fresh flowers

The sight of fresh flowers, no matter the season, has a specific effect on any room. A plus to having floral arrangements in rainy weather is that the flowers are more likely to last longer now that they are no longer subject to scorching temperatures. There is no need to be stuck with boring arrangements of roses or mums. You can pick other local flowers in season, or even choose more exotic blooms such as tulips. Use flowers in pastel colors to bring a softer feel to the room or choose showy and bright blooms for a more upbeat vibe. Augment your arrangements by adding greenery at the bases, or even making them main features.  You can also get creative with your choices of vases; try tall sleek ones for an elegant look or break out brightly colored artisan vases to give the place some needed oomph. 

4.Set up some candles

If flowers aren’t an option, you can still bring some fragrance into your rooms by strategically placing scented and unscented candles around. Candles can be placed in holders that match the color scheme of your house or provide some much-needed contrast. They also serve to provide much needed illumination in event of a power outage. A caveat though: never leave candles burning unsupervised, especially when there are pets or young children around. Always remember to extinguish all candles before sleeping, to minimize the chances also of fire. 

Simple redecorating of your home to make it cheery during the rainy season is more than an aesthetic concern. Banishing the downbeat vibe helps keep your household energetic and may even be useful in managing Seasonal Affective Disorder brought about by a prolonged change in weather. These temporary fixes can be easily undone when the sun comes out or can even be adapted to suit your décor in another season. Have fun chasing away the blues! 

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