Thursday, July 4, 2019

Tips for preparing a long motorcycle trip

Friends from abroad are just starting to experience the summer break. Most of them will most likely have their vacation, out-of-town trips and road trips. Some have the resources to book a trip to another country. For the rest, they opt for local or out-of-town trips using their own vehicles. Having your own vehicle has its own benefits. But since not everyone can afford owning a vehicle, a cheaper alternative like motorcycles can be used 

Motorcycles has its own pros and cons. However, with proper preparations and precautions, safety can be ensured, and accidents can be prevented.  Doing a small set-up of the motorcycle before going out on the road is very important and can save you from  headaches, worries and accidents. Here are some reminders for those with intentions of using motorcycles for their trip.


There are several points to consider with tires. First is verifying the tires’ condition. Tires have an expiration date and can get damaged even when not used. The rubber also dries and stretch marks may appear. If your tires are exhibit such attributes, it's time to retire them.

The pressure of tires - A review of the instructions or the manufacturer of your motorcycle is needed to check on the tires' pressure. The number of passengers should also be considered in verifying the pressure set on tires. Most also forget that the quantity and weight of the luggage also influence tire inflation.

As a tip, especially for long haul trips, it's best to use new tires if the existing set have exceeded half of its expected lifespan. As previously mentioned, the wear and tear of the tires are proportional with the number of passengers and load of luggage. 


Motorcycle rides require protective gears and clothing. It is suggested that both the driver and rider should wear long pants, windbreaker, boots, gloves and, of course, a helmet. These layers of protective clothing are needed even if an extreme summer weather. As an alternative, finding the complementing clothing material to the weather can help.  

Keep in mind that both the driver and motorcycle will suffer from fatigue, even with short breaks along the road. The absence of breaks can cause drivers to make mistakes or experience malfunction of the motorcycle's machine. Hence, it is essential to bring tools and custom motorcycle parts. A little precaution, the help of some auto mechanic might be needed in installing the custom parts of the motorcycles.


It is essential to check the oil and coolant levels with the manufacturer's instructions. Fuel or oil is a major determinant in the motorcycles's performance. The effect of oil on the motorcycles' condition should also be checked. In general, it is advised that drivers should start the motorcycle on stand by for a minute and another minute to restart. After which, the driver should check whether fuel level is not drastically changing. 


The bulbs or LEDs should also be in good condition. Lights are important both on day and night travels. Lights provide signals to pedestrians and the needed vision during night time. 

Motorcycle owners should also be careful with the lifecycle of the lights. However, there is no definite rule as to the usual life span of the motorcycle's lights. Everything also depends on the length of usage and degree of after care usage implemented by the owners. Changing the lights before a long road trip is also recommended. 

If there are plans of buying new bulbs or LEDs, it is recommended to venture on quality. This means that owners are encouraged to spend a little more money on quality bulbs or LEDs. Cheap bulbs or LEDs may in the long run, cause more replacements and mean more expenses. 

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