Thursday, August 29, 2019

Custom Necklaces

I've always liked anything monogrammed. In my opinion, monograms serve as classic and timeless pieces. It makes anything special and unique. Monograms also make it as a perfect gift, regardless of age and gender. More so, to individuals who seemed to have everything. 

I'm trying to recall the number of monogrammed items I owned. I have several bags embroidered with my initials, pillow cases, bath towel, bracelet, ring and lately, a white gold necklace engraved with my initial. The necklace is by far, the most expensive monogram I own. I've been wanting to design my own monogrammed necklace since I started working. It's in my bucket list. :)  Back then. there were other priorities. Hence, it took years before I was able to acquire one. I remember starting from the cheaper sterling silver or stainless jewelries. These pieces may not be valuable or pawnable, but the designs are elegant and distinct. In like manner, both sterling silver and stainless jewelries are durable and require less maintenance. I can wear them everyday without the worries of stains and damages. 

I recently discovered a site that offers monogrammed and custom-made jewelries. Custom Necklace offers varied jewelries that can be customized or monogrammed, according to your preferences.

Necklaces are made of sterling silver and a few are plated in 18k gold. The site offers different styles of monogrammed necklaces. Some are printed in the usual rectangular silver plates, heart shaped or locket inspired, engraved photo necklaces and birthstone necklaces. 

Other than necklaces, the site also offers personalized rings. A few of their best sellers include these three-letter monogrammed rings. For a more special design, a monogrammed ring with birthstones can also be requested. 

Since monogrammed products are individually prepared, the company devotes 3 to 5 days processing. A good news though, worldwide shipping is free. The company only charges for expedite or urgent shipping, which starts at $22.29. Tracking is also provided for each order so no need to worries for orders that might not arrive. 

Custom Necklaces

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