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On top of work related notifications, my inbox is usually flooded with promotional offers of online shopping sites. If life was in default mode, I would have easily give in to these temptations. These days, I'm limited to browsing and adding items to my wish list. 

Last week, I checked FeelnGirlDress.com selections. The site offers mostly shapewears. (While I can't wear shapewear these days, I think I will need one after the quarantine period. :p) I explored the site and discovered collections extending to different women's clothing. They have fashion dresses, lingerie, sportswear and plus size clothing. Best of all, they offer wide selections for cheap women's clothing.

Anything in navy blue attracts me. As expected, my wish list will be filled with this shade. My selections include both plain and printed tops with shades of blue and black. 

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I thought of buying the shapewear but I realized, a good exercise is more needed. I've been postponing my plans of jogging every weekends. Given the situation, I regret the months of laziness. It would take some time before I can jog along the riverbanks. I also regret not replacing my busted suspension trainers. FeelinGirlDress also offers sports accessories like leg stretchers, resistance bands and yoga accessories. After the quarantine, I think sales for sports equipment will also increase. :) 

Aside from individual buyers, FeelinGirlDress extends to wholesalers. A different pricing scheme is implemented, especially for dresses. A maxi dress wholesale package is offered for interested resellers.

FeelnGirlDress accepts Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and AMEX credit cards for payment. Orders are shipped worldwide via DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS and EMS. 

Follow FeelnGirlDress via Facebook / Instagram / Twitter  / Youtube  - There are product reviews and live product demonstrations in their social media accounts. You can also reach their customer service team through this link for further inquiries.