Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dreaming of a Workstation Makeover

If I would design my own workstation, I wanted it to be...
1. ergonomically designed from layout to interior design
2. uses daylight, but has enough tint to block the heat of the sun
3. provides a view of the city or if budget does not permit, a small zen garden will do
4. uses light colored paint
5. wide working table
6. discrete storage and wiring system
7. high ceilings
8. white or wooden tiled flooring

My current workstation is so plain and traditional. My everyday companion is a heavy wooden table where I have my LCD monitor, printer, telephone and all those scattered papers. Getting a workstation make over would always remain a dream as I am working to a non-profit organization.... a school :)  Comforts like these never become a priority. So just to perhaps satisfy my dream of finally owning my dream working niche, I searched and compiled the best workstations I have ever seen

Photo source here
The wide window glass panels, simple black and white theme, wide working table and the built in life size shelf, this is closer to what I call my dream work place.

Photo Source here
I am not really a fan of color pink but I appreciate the simplicity of everything here. A working table, enough drawers, floating shelves and the hanging organizers can replace the typical bulletin board in the workplace.

Photo Source here
A better alternative for office dividers or partitions, this style promotes more space and light can easily penetrate the  workplace.
Photo Source here
Talking about creativity and budget! Why not use wooden crates or panels, pile them together and voila! An instant and unique workstation.

Photo source here
Floating wooden shelves and a splash of refreshing green paint transforms a corner to a relaxing and inviting workstation.
Photo source here
I always love using white paint and furniture that will later be accentuated by other colorful pieces.

Photo Source here
White is not after all dull, boring and suited only for hospitals. It pairs well with other colorful pieces.

Photo Source here
In case, I will become the boss :D
White, wood, pieces of greenery and provision for natural light
Photo Source here
And if I were to choose my own desk, I wanted something unconventional and ergonomic

In case your office cannot move away with the partitions, why not make them one of a kind

Photo Source here
Photo Source here
And this almost took my breath away! 
Photo Source here
This unique and magnificent structure serves as the architecture studio of Selgas Cano in Madrid, Spain.
From the outside, this is how the office looks
Photo Source here
A workplace that marries nature and creativity! In case you wanted a break,

Photo Source here
Where fresh air and real natural environment are free and available anytime

All photos used in this post are not owned by the author. Sources are provided and linked below each picture.


  1. oh my gosh!! so many of those office spaces are amazing!!! One day you will get your office make over! It just may not be right now. :) I love this one in Spain.. I'd love to go see that!! haha. :) and this reminds me.. I have got to clean up my work station. Looking a little drab and messy. Oops! Have a good day! :)

  2. These places are awesome:).

    I loved the last pic.

  3. Hi Diane,

    I could use a whole new office let alone a workstation! Hehe ;-)
    I really love the 2nd and 6th one! So pretty!

  4. What a great collection of workstations! Since I am at home, I dream of a home office space that is functional and pretty. My art studio (in a smallish loft space) needs some serious work too. Thank you for some inspiration!! :)

  5. Hi Diane, wow girl those are some brillant stations. You know me, I have to have a bit of decor so I think the third (the grey and white) one and the cute corner station are my favorites. I am already planning a craft work station for our unfinished basement. I've even bought a few things. I want it mostly black and white. What a goof I am to buy already. We haven't even started on the basement. lol!

  6. I love the pink workstation. And your new header's cute :)

  7. WOW! You found some amazing work stations! Wouldn't it be great to design one just for your specific needs! ♥

  8. i would totally want the small pink
    office ♥ the pastel colors are amaazing

    Melina ♥

  9. Hi Diane! :) I am posting my email here, because I know you will have to approve this comment and I thought you would see it best. :) It is: the.ahmazindg at gmail dot com. :)

  10. Hi Diane! Oh, I love the little office with the greenish yellow walls with flowers and white furniture! Your new header looks so pretty too.
    Thanks for popping in and leaving me such sweet comments.
    be a sweetie,

  11. Wow~! just wow.,! i want to convert my room to a workstation., with powerful computer., and connection., :)

    btw, i have a blog contest where you can win Sony PSP, P8,000, P3,000, P1000 etc., :) Feel free to JOIN & care for an exchange link? refer to LINK Exchange section of my site


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