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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 435 - Mess

Time Check: : 11:34 pm of Monday - The work never stops. I spent the entire days recording my class discussions and attending meetings. I checked my schedule and feels like nothing is being accomplished. The tasks are multiplying on their own while my emotional hormones are overworking.  I buy sinful food in the hope to destress. But recently, I only finish a few servings of anything I ordered. The ref never runs out of half-finished food from deliveries. I also noticed an unusual level of hair loss. My facial skin is usually oily. The past few weeks felt weird because of minor skin flaking from my forehead. Even sleeping has become a challenge. I'm wide awake at 2:00 am. 

Friday, November 6, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 434 - Never Ending

Pardon my favorite line lately, if COVID19 didn't happen ..... more than half of my blog posts contain this favorite rant. If there's anything I miss the most, its the annual traditions with friends and family. No visits to the cemetery this year. Both random and planned family reunions, annual shopping date with my mother and even our Christmas visits to our family in North will never happen. At the workplace, Christmas parties have to be set aside. The festive atmosphere is nowhere to be found. I thought the introvert in me can always survive the rather solitary environment. For the first time, I miss the everyday chaos of school kids and colleagues. 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 433 - Life Lately

If COVID-19 didn't happen, the last days of October would have been one of my favorite time of the year. I get to visit the salon for my annual hair treatment. There's the trick or treat at the workplace, I start my Christmas shopping, I usually bring my mother to the shopping mall and there's the usual reunion with my paternal family. I enjoy the halloween decors everywhere. There's a short break I look forward and later, the Christmas rush will come in a full swing. I even have travel plans this time of the year. Sadly, anything related to travel has to be set aside. It would have been my first time to experience real fall in a country blessed with four seasons. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 432 - Professionalism

In my pre-covid19 life, visits to Makati mean meeting my friend Anne for a hotel staycation and an entire day to our favorite interconnected malls. I usually visit the home section of Landmark for the best decors and kitchenware. SM Makati's food court offers the best takoyaki, houses H&M Home and Crate & Barrel. There's also Glorietta, whose floor plan never fails to make me lose my sense of direction. :p Getting lost in Glorietta meant landing to National Bookstore that houses an extensive stationery collection from Kate Spade, kikki.K and all the luxurious brands carried by Rustan's. Lastly, there's Greenbelt providing the best view in the middle of the busy city. The chapel, garden, coffee shops, restaurants and the wing showcasing Hermes and all the European brands.