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Monday, June 17, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 367 - Halfway

I'm feeling unproductive lately. I'm stuck on the same task the past weeks. I have more than enough time, but I can't seem to find my momentum to accomplish everything. I'm nearing my deadline and I have no choice but to finish everything this week. I swear, I will silently celebrate once I completed this task. :p But seriously, I'm beginning to feel worried. I hope everything gets better this week.

This weekend was Father's Day. We celebrated at home with our favorite dishes from Miguel and Maria. It's another favorite hometown restaurant. I should blog about the place soon. But since my family are not in the mood for going out, we opted for Grab Food Delivery. I'm so thankful for Grab Food. More than convenience, I guess it's the reliable friend of introverts, anti-social and lazy people like my family. :p We had paella, crispy pork belly, vegetable salad and my favorite, baked salmon in honey, garlic and cheese. I'm quite afraid this will become a bad weekend habit.

Friday, June 14, 2019

4 home decorating tips to brighten up the rainy season


When the rains come down, so can the mood thanks to the grey skies hiding all sunlight. While there is not much you can do about the atmosphere outside, there are some simple tricks you can do to banish the blues inside your home. With the clever use of color and throwing in a few simple accessories, you can take your residence from blah to cheery even in the bleakest of conditions. 

6 tips to help nurture a young child's reading habit

Even in this age of multiple screens and live streaming, reading is still considered a major milestone in child development. It is no surprise that many parents are anxious to encourage their kids to read, and make sure the habit sticks. How to go about it? Read up for 6 quick tips to help parents teach their children about the joys of reading. 

5 tips for first-time solo backpackers


Backpacking solo for the first time is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Traveling alone to a new locale is already startling, more so if you are deliberately staying away from some of the usual “conveniences” of travel such as hefty luggage, staying a 5-star hotel, and being bussed around with a tour group. To help banish the anxiety and help you truly dive into your next adventure, read on for 5 of our best loved tips for first time solo backpackers!