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Monday, July 27, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 421 - Things I miss

Things I'm obsessing these days include the rosegold kitchenwares and statice flowers. There should have been a product photography project lined up the past weeks. Unfortunately, client "ghosted" me. I came in prepared, only to be later left in uncertainty. It feels disrespecting and disheartening. I don't implement contracts and complicated agreements. For me, it's as simple as honoring both verbal and written agreement, even on emails and social media conversation. Anyhow, time to move on. 

Friday, July 24, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 420 - Optimism

It's hard to find anything optimistic these days. Businesses are either downsizing, declaring bankruptcy or shutting down operations. Recently, this decades old Filipino-Chinese restaurant in Quezon City surprised us with its intention to cease operations. The most coveted kiddie amusement site in BGC also decided to permanently close its doors. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 419 - Halfway July

The past week marked another significant event in the local history. On top of another exponential rise in covid19 cases, a major media outlet in my country was denied of permit to operate. How I wish I could detail my sentiments. Maybe, in another post. I understand that no corporation is perfect. What I felt unacceptable was the lack of professionalism among elected government officials. Those who swore to sincerely serve the nation cannot separate personal issues and vested interests from national concerns. 

FeelinGirlDress Women's Clothing

A few days ago, I happen to encounter again FeelnGirlDress, a shopping site catering to different forms of women's clothing. I used to browse their extensive line of shirts, blouses and dresses. This time, I noticed an increase in their product line. They now have shape wears, active wear, swim wear and a line specific for plus size women.