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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Zöey Philippines Review and a Giveaway

Ever since the government imposed all those forms of quarantine, supermarkets and banks were the only places I visited. Unfortunately, not everything my family needed were available from my default supermarket. For some items, I relied from online shopping sites. The makeshift work table, air cooler, face masks were all purchased from varied online platforms. Everything is almost available online, even special gifts for loved ones. Recently, I was introduced to Zöey Philippines, a local jewelry shop offering wedding rings, engagement rings and necklaces.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 413 - thoughts on education

For some reason, I always like the month of May. It signals the end of another school year. It's a time when the management disburses our leave conversion and modest midyear bonus. Most teachers are savoring their vacation leaves and only a few of us are left to work. Graduation is usually the last task left. I'll never forget those days when we stayed late for the distribution of graduation tickets and programme. It's a mediocre task I enjoy with a few workplace friends.

May is also a time when the school canteen is closed so everyone is forced to have lunch outs or deliveries. Me and my friends opt for the cheaper meals from the nearby eatery. Never mind if it meant walking from the scorching heat and battling with employees from a popular bank for that last serving of kare kare. :p On pay days, we treat ourselves with Jollibee or KFC. We wear casual clothes and overtime is a rare sight. On some days, we have after work mall dates. On weekends, I can accommodate that much needed jogging in my favorite trail. 

On a personal level, May is when I schedule my semi-annual trip to the dentist and hair salon. Life will be better if I gained freelance works. As I type this post, I felt sad realizing those days are good as memories. Today, I'm at the comforts of home and trying my best to contribute in flattening the curve. While I'm thankful for the opportunity to work and earn from home, some government officials knew how to ruin everything. 

Monday, May 18, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 412 - Kindness

I thought everything would be fine. I'll be staying home while trying my best to continue work. As weeks passed, the list of worries are multiplying. Everything becomes complicated. I don't usually experience headaches. On the rare times, I just sleep it off. When this month started, headaches became a weekly visitor. As much as I avoid pain killers, my intake became frequent. My worst was when a surprise typhoon hit Manila. The cold weather, which was so conducive for sleeping, left me wide awake. I didn't sleep till the next day. I finally felt the sleepiness around 4 pm. I overworked and tortured myself with another headache. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Product Review : 3D AC-703 Eco Freeze

Update as of May 21, 2020 - Unfortunately, the unit I purchased last May 8 started to malfunction yesterday. The air cooler shuts down on its own since last night. This morning, the unit automatically turned on and off. I contacted 3D Appliances'  Facebook Page. I haven't received a decent reply as of date. I plan to bring the unit to the service center in Marikina. I'm starting to feel regrets. I thought I found a cheaper unit for a more electricity consuming airconditioning unit.

As much as I want to avoid additional expense, I might purchase another unit from another brand. 😔  It would be great if 3D properly repairs or at the very least, have it totally replaced with a "working" unit.


The summer heat has become unbearable. If I'm not staying home, I would have survived the sweltering weather courtesy of the workplace's airconditioning system. :) Unfortunately, it looks like my work from home arrangement will continue. I cannot survive with the lone 3D turbo fan. I needed a stronger force to lower the temperature in my home workspace. Acquiring the cheapest window type aircon is not an option these days. Installation will take some time and more importantly, budget does not permit. In the end, I settled to the nearest convenience I can afford. I bought an air cooler.