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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 385 - Better That Way .... with a book giveaway

She does everything she can and everything she can't

Facebook and Instagram memories sometimes do the trick. A past status message or photo upload is more than enough to unearth a never ending saga of realisation. Past struggles, accomplishments, great times with the family, silliest adventure with friends, rare travel opportunities, farewells, failures, frustrations to a shallow reshared post. I get reminded of life years ago.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Louis Vuitton Travel Book Series: Venice by Jiro Taniguchi

I've been stalking websites of luxury brands for as long as I can remember. Even if I knew I can't afford anything from their merchandise. It started with Hermes, which I later discovered produce its own line of books. A few years ago, I learned that Louis Vuitton has its own line of publication. Unlike Hermes which showcased a glimpse of their history and design process, Louis Vuitton ventured on travel books. I believe it's because of Louis Vuitton's origin. The fashion house and luxury retail company started with trunks and luggage. Everything was attributed with travel and voyages. 

Louis Vuitton released several books featuring different cities. The series I've been wanting complete is the Travel Books, which showcases partnership with renowned contemporary artists. One of my favorites is Jiro Taniguchi's version of Venice. 

Jiro Taniguchi started as a manga artist. He is best known for his 90s comic book, The Walking Man. His drawings and story telling approach lean on the unconventional style, less dialogues, tame and quiet characters. He often focuses on showing the daily lives of a typical resident. Another distinct trademark of his works, his emphasis on scenery, landscape and structures. 

Jiro Taniguchi's accomplishments and awards outside his own country no doubt, made him more than deserving to be included in Louis Vuitton's Travel Book series. Beyond his talent, another reason why I love Jiro Taniguchi's version is because of his own story behind Venice. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 384 - Concerns

Current state : Cramming - It never stops every weekend. Pending works hoping to be completed and freelance works with additional requirements. While trying to figure out how to squeeze in everything, I'm in the company of a movie channel, chips and another temptation of refilling my glass of Coke. Food and movie in the background have been my company every time I work from home. I think I can live with this work set-up forever. Yes, I'm getting serious of working from home. With all the traffic and inconvenience from the shortened train operations, I would most likely to accept an offer that allows flexible working environment. It will emerge least costly, both for the employer and employee. Lesser operational costs for the employer, lesser transportation costs for the employee. We are not even factoring in the cost of time yet. But as always, this is way far, at least for my own reality.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 383 - Above Anything Else

Expensive - This has to be the best word to describe last week. Everything started when the train line servicing the eastern part of the Metro broke down. I thought the suspension of the train's operations will only last overnight. On the succeeding days, the suspension was extended until weekend. An announcement was later issued that partial operations will push through. Quite a hassle, but better than not having any train at all. As of typing this, another advisory was made. Even partial operations are not possible. My life on the next months will change. I have to strategize my commute to work. I have other concerns at home, work and life in general. I can't believe that even my travel to work needs to be taken seriously.