Hi! My name is Diane and as you can see, I want to write

As a kid, I knew that I will grow up pursuing a career in the creative field. Back then, all I wanted was to draw. I was sure of pursuing Fine Arts... Somewhere along the way, the interest to draw and sketch left me. I started to love writing. Another unexpected phase happened after I finish High School, I pursued a different path. Surprise, I majored Economics in college. 

I always thought that Economics would be limited on numbers. Along the way, I realised that my quantitative degree still provides an opportunity to be creative in a different domain. Still equipped with my love for writing, I landed at the research team of a very old institution in Manila, Philippines. This time, I write stories behind numbers, projections and performance reports. It may not be the most appealing field but at the end of the day, I earn money from uninteresting fields that everyone avoids. 

Aside from my day job, I literally and figuratively switch shoes to become a college instructor. I have to emphasise my love for shoes, particularly with ballet flats.  On weekends and weeknights, I squeeze in the freelance works and blogging. 

I work more than eight hours a day, sleeps late and often ends up rushing the next day. I take different forms of public transportation everyday and I have a lot of stories of misadventure to tell.  I maintain a junk food diet. I love hamburgers, french fries, thin crust pizza, fastfood fried chickens, and potato chips. Though most of the time, I get worried about health and aging. 

This blog showcases my experiences in life. I write and share stories about my family, friends, travel adventures, food discoveries, book reviews, shopaholic attacks, teaching career, postcards, monotonous yet challenging office job  and all my short lived yet memorable experiences. 

Once in a while, I share my dreams and thoughts about that childhood passion that left me. They say that we can find our true calling by recalling the things that made us the happiest, back when we don't have to worry about paying bills and all those grown up struggles. 

Thank you for dropping by and welcome to the virtual portal of my  life. 

For further inquiries, you can reach me through

Email : dianewrites15(at)gmail(dot)com

~ I wrote this about me page almost a decade ago. So much about my life has changed, from my work life, friends and family. I lost my mom in September 2021, the most painful experience in my years of existence. She died from complications of COVID-19. It's been months, but I'm still struggling in many ways. ˜