Sunday, December 10, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 295 - Holiday Madness

A few days ago, I had the need to drop by SM Mall of Asia. In as much as I wanted to avoid bigger and populated shopping malls, my out-of-warranty MacBook Air needs to be brought to Power Mac's Service Center.  Much to my surprise, I was told that all files will be erased upon diagnosis. Take note, the process does not entail actual repair yet. The diagnosis will only establish the amount of repair costs. I already made an inquiry on the same branch two months ago. Unfortunately, the staff didn't inform me of this hassle. I wanted to express my frustration, but the pressing task overpowered me. I bought a 32 GB flash drive and stayed in a coffee shop to start my file transfers. I thought I found the perfect solution. Turns out, I needed a day to finish everything.

Power Mac Service Center has not been not performing well, at least from my past encounters. I had another frustrating story with my iPhone replacement months ago. I'm not sure if someone from Power Mac Service Center will be able to read my post. One mistake is more than enough to cause unnecessary expenses and wasted time to any client. If there's anything positive from this experience, I realized the power of being an employee, particularly being a front liner. More than getting the job done, employees can shape the fate of their clients. I hope Power Mac Service Center gets my message. :) 

Moving on, but I'm about to relate another upsetting experience. :p I held on to one of my lifelong observations. Some people seem to have the talent to perfectly ruin our day. I can't control the behavior of other people so borrowing a favorite millenial thought, sino ang mag-a-adjust? ;) (Who will bear the adjustments?) As always, I'm left with the task of trying to grow up and reaching that stage of being unaffected aka maturity. :p 

Meanwhile, here are some photos from the past week

Postcards from Terra and Marieken - Thank you Terra and Marieken. :) Some of them arrived in the post office last October, it was only delivered last week.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 294 - First for December

Hello December! It's real. ;) The last month of the year, endless Christmas parties, meeting good old friends, endless food marathon, long lines everywhere, traffic and all the holiday rush. In my case, I look forward for the remaining days at work, Christmas mass, seeing a few friends, and having a relaxing time with my family. A few freelance works during my two-week break will also be a much welcomed earning opportunity. 

Last week at work was tiring and I guess, fulfilling in some ways. Our team organized a flea market, showcasing mostly our pre-loved items. I took the opportunity to sell mostly my clothes and shoes. I wasn't expecting my items to capture interest. I have weird preferences, which often make family members and friends refuse my old stuff. ;) Much to my surprise, some colleagues and guests bought them. I was able to earn a significant amount of money, which my eBay account can't generate. :) I'm so happy with my unexpected earnings. At the same time, my closet is almost compliant with Marie Kondo's standards. ;) This opportunity also strengthened my belief in one of Marie Kondo's principles. You learn more of yourself when you declutter. I learned what kind of clothes and bags I really use. Case in point, heavy leather bags are not for me. With clothes, I noticed that those bought online or from a mall wide sale end as rarely used. On the contrary, clothes bought in full price tend to stay longer and useful. So I guess, next year's buying decisions will be different. :)

Other than manning our flea market, I was able to squeeze in shopping for additional Christmas presents (the list doesn't seem to end). Before the week ended, body aches started to attack me and some not-so-good things also happened .... On weekends though, everything felt better starting with the much needed full body massage and a great meal with my mother. 

Here's more of the past week in photos

2017 to 2018 - So happy that Papemelroti continued the supposedly limited edition anniversary planner. I was spared from the temptation of acquiring a more expensive planner.

Friday, December 1, 2017

2017 Blog Giveaway Winner!

First day of December!!!! As promised, I'll be announcing the winner of my blog giveaway today.  Many thanks to the readers who joined my contest. Allow me to mention everyone: Jep Buendia, Jackie Uy, Karina Cellona, Yunita Gena, Auggielyn Carandang, Claire P, Hazel Joy, Zigrid, Sharon, Rose, Lourdes and Marivic. Thank you for taking time to answer my questionnaire.

After reading all your insights, the winner is

Jep Buendia 

Congrats, Jep! I will personally contact you for the delivery of the book.

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