Monday, August 21, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 279 - Long weekend

I'm typing this post on a quiet and relaxing Sunday night. The rare times I feel relaxed because of the holiday break. I don't feel the rush and usual frustration that weekends are over. I still have some work to do but from the looks of my tired and lazy self, everything has to be set aside. I long to sleep before 12 am, wake up before sunrise and accomplish all the tasks in my list tomorrow.

Before the week ended, I attended an important event. There was an advice to come in business attire. I skipped my usual Friday jeans and sneakers. I wore slacks, short sleeved top and my favorite pair of ballet flats. When I arrived in the venue, I felt out of place. I should know better. I should have taken the business attire seriously. This also reminded me of the usual advice, it's always better to be overdressed. Later that night, I realized that I don't have a set of formal clothes to begin with. I have plenty of clothes, but none would qualify for formal events. Same goes with my bags, I don't have a clutch or any formal bag. This only proves, I keep on buying the same items. At this age, I should have my own pieces for formal events.

During the weekend, I had another weird wedding dream again. Oftentimes, the wedding had no groom and the ceremonies will not push through. For several years, I thought it meant as a prelude to my future. No groom, hello to single blessedness forever. Hahaha However, some reliable materials gave me deeper meanings. Weddings may symbolize change, independence and commitment. Some even connected it with sorrow, agony and bitterness. With my current state, I would like to believe that it relates with bitterness. I remember discussing an issue with my mother a few days ago. It really frustrates me how some people can resort to cheating and commit other wrong doings in exchange for promotion, advancement and other forms of progress. Aside from promoting a culture of inequality, these people demoralize those who adhere to full honesty and hardwork. 

On a positive note, I realized that honest and hard working people will always have priceless respect and value. Something that those who cheated will never achieve. Whenever, I feel hopeless I guess I have to rely on this thought. 

Meanwhile, here are some beautiful things that happened last week

Weekly Planner Mess - Despite all the frustrations, I was reminded of some good things that happened last week. 

What relaxing weekends are made of - Nachos, wine, cheese sauce and great coffee table books scored from Book Sale. 

Slow, lazy and quiet mornings at home in the company of some great reads

I wanted to end this post with a point of optimism. But I'm occupied with so much concerns. I'm distracted and admittedly, feels frustrated over some things within my environment. I guess I'm thriving in a stage when I can strongly feel how life can be so unfair. There are things I can no longer change. Hence, I have no choice but settle for acceptance. While I'm still crossing that bridge, I just wish that somewhere along the way, some good things will happen. Life becomes easier when some positive things and surprises happen. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo

It's not the gift. It's the thought that counts. I have heard of this reminder for as long as I can remember. Though admittedly, this supposedly heart warming thought has been both misused and overused. We often use it to console ourselves, whenever we receive gifts we don't like. We wanted to emphasize gratefulness, because someone took time and made effort to make us feel special.

Finding the perfect gift is not always easy. You always have that family member, friend, colleague, godchild who will challenge us every Christmas, birthday and other occasions. There's this family member who seems to have everything in life. Someone's interests are expensive or unfamiliar. There's this godchild I haven't seen for ages and lives in a faraway town. Over time, I learned a universal solution to such constraints. Gift Certificates (GCs) were created to save the day. It serves as a fool proof and guaranteed gift for anyone. It will never become the gift meant to be passed on to someone else or classified in the category of, it's the thought that counts. Haha

Here are other reasons and suggestions of how and why gift certificates make it as a fool proof and advantageous gift option.

Provide the gift of experience to anyone through  GCs - Gone are the days when gift certificates only work for department stores. Sodexo Premium Pass and SM Gift Pass can be used to avail food and activities such as movies, skating, bowling, dermatological services, wellness activities, and entrance fee to a theme park. Why not treat a hardworking friend to a full body massage by purchasing a Sodexo Premium Pass? The GCs can be used to avail wellness services from Bioessence, The Spa or The Nutrure Spa.

While any tangible stuff can make it as a great present, the gift of experience is equally great. Experiences made possible through a Sodexo Premium Pass will pave the way for the gift of priceless and memorable experiences. Don't forget to insert a note of appreciation for this hardworking friend too. Better yet, write down the possible experiences that can be availed from the GC. 

Give someone the freedom to choose his presents -  GCs provide more freedom and options to the recipient. Hence, more practical. Years ago, I used to receive a basket of groceries during the workplace Christmas party. Apparently, even my colleagues were not satisfied with this set up. Common complaints include the heavy basket not conducive for commuters and some items that were not really useful. In addition, some employees needed to render overtime to set up and arrange the heavy baskets. Fortunately, the management heard our sentiments. On the succeeding year, the basket of goodies were replaced by Sodexo Premium Pass. Since then, I used my GCs to watch movies from the most awaited Metro Manila Film Fest. Some of my colleagues use it to purchase grocery items for Christmas eve and some would devote it for their children as entrance pass to theme parks.

Aside from Christmas gifts, the workplace also started using Sodexo GCs as employee incentives and rewards. Employees who celebrate their birthdays, rendered perfect attendance, or performed an exceptional work are given GCs as incentives.

In addition, our friends and family members who seem to have everything in life and whose interests are  not familiar to us can benefit best with GCs. Giving them a set of GC can give them the freedom to choose items they need or want, which we often don't understand. Let's make gift giving stress free with GC Regalo's GC.

Help someone create the best memories - Inside that wish list is an item we have been wanting to purchase.  It might be a new pair of shoes, electronic gadget, bag, dinnerware and the like. Oftentimes, these items are a little expensive.The good news is, GCs can help someone cross out items in their wishlist. I have a nephew, who has been wanting to purchase that remote control car of Lightning McQueen. The mother dismissed the idea because as always, expensive. Me and my other cousins pooled some SM Gift Pass for Toy Kingdom. My nephew would always remember the day when he finally took home Lightning McQueen. He was amazed with the power of GCs, as it was his first time to use it. His happiness was priceless.

Here are SM Gift Pass' other partner merchants. Other partner establishments for GCs from Rustan's, Waltermart and Shopwise are also listed below. 
Make someone experience that guilt free shopping experience - We always have that friend, colleague or family member, who would feel guilty for spending money, even for their own sake. The good news is, GCs provide an opportunity for our loved ones to experience a guilt free shopping experience, may it be on their birthday. or Christmas. My suggestion, purchase some Sodexo Premium Pass, insert an appreciation note and suggestions on how the celebrant can enjoy the GC. It can be a shopping spree, dinner to a nice restaurant, much needed phone replacement, or a new laptop. The options for guilt free shopping experience is almost endless as Sodexo Premium Pass is accepted to more than 9,000 merchants.

Here's a list of Sodexo's growing number of merchants.  

Save your time and energy, focus on the season and celebration - Oftentimes, we spend of lot of time and energy in finding the perfect gift. We focus on the gift giving, paying lesser attention to the celebration. This usually happens during the Christmas season. We spend so much time shopping. We get stressed with traffic, long lines and the volume of shoppers. In the end, we feel drained and stressed on the actual day of the celebration. In some cases, some people even caught common illnesses such as fever, cough and flu because of the constant trips to the mall. What others fail to realize is that GCs can always save the day. Focus your attention on the celebration and allow GC Regalo to take care of the gift giving.

Our favorite gift giving season is fast approaching. In a few months, it will be December again. For hassle free gift shopping, I highly suggest buying GCs from GC Regalo. This online shop offers GCs from Sodexo, SM, Rustan's, Waltermart, and Shopwise / Wellcome. You can check out all the GC products here.

Buying online from GC Regalo is so convenient. They have wide payment channels which include credit cards (Visa / Mastercard), bank deposits (BDO, BPI, UCPB, Union Bank, RCBC, East West Bank, Land Bank. Metrobank, and Chinabank), and other payment centers such as SM, LBC, Robinson's, Cebuana and Bayad Center. In addition, buyers can choose from different denominations for GCs and can later be delivered in the comfort of your own home. Indeed, everything is hassle free. 

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