Sunday, September 6, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 176 - September

Hello BER months! I can feel my favorite time of the year coming. Can't wait to be happy and merry again. :) I'm typing this post at 2:34 am. Still wide awake not because of freelance or take home teaching works. Yay! Although there are still some pile of my works on my table. Good news is, a huge chunk of my work has been done. All examination papers have been checked and the research papers I've reviewing are almost halfway done. Only halfway, but I'm happy that at the very least, I'm progressing. 

The past week gave me overwhelming emotions. One was explained in the previous post. But thank God, our heartbreak ended with happily ever after. :) And just like that, I learned to forget all the other negative things that happened last week. As an added treat, I had a great dinner with my friend MFA. Thanks girl! Other than the company of a great friend, here are the other beautiful things that made my week.

Great Britain fans unite :) - I saw this sofa from SM Department Store last week. It's actually a sofa bed. I love the versatility and design.

The new favorite - Everyone around me loves Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. It has been everyone's favorite ever since I started working?! I even remember a famous celebrity raving about this perfume during her pregnancy. This is the only scent that didn't irritate her sensitive senses. It took me years to finally try it and no regrets at all! I guess my only regret is my reluctance to try it years ago.

New product discovery - I encountered a kiosk in SM Megamall that sells nacho chips and dips. I got interested and the next thing that happened, I finished the entire bag and bottle by myself. Hahahahaha Glutton mode, sorry naman. The entire PopCorners Chips and Dip costs Php 155, a little expensive especially if you can DIY dips. But for the sake of curiosity, I gave in. I was also surprised to discover that this product is made by local Chef Tony's popcorn.

Burgers and Potato Chips - This is what Friday lunches are made of. The original plan was to visit my new favorite shop along Sta. Cruz Church. I wanted to go treasure hunting for postcards. Unfortunately, it rained during lunch time. I ended indulging myself with burgers, potato chips and just one one one fried oreo ;)

And because I failed to buy postcards from my favorite shop, I went to Papemelroti instead - I'm happy to discover that Papemelroti produced new designs for their line of  postcards. I love the recipe inspired and teapot postcards. 

Forever blue, bluer than blue - I both love these blouses from For Me. I only purchased one. Can you guess which did I choose? 

It's the most wonderful time of the year! - SM in particular is taking out their Christmas trees and decors again. Since last year, these sweets inspired Christmas tree has been my favorite. Glad to know that SM continued selling these decors. 

Shinning Shimmering Splendid - I think I'm obsessed with glittery shoes lately. I can probably make gold and glitter as my Christmas theme. When did I ever had my own Christmas theme in the first place? :) Truth is, I'm even eyeing another pair of gold ballet flats for my birthday. :)  


  1. You're such a good shopper. I like the pretty flats you wear and wonder if you got the blouse in back. I hope this coming week is a good one dear friend and namemate! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. I saw photos of my friend who was able to visit Papemelroti and it's making me jealous!!! I wish they'd open a store here in Cebu! :((((

    xx, Janine | A Blissful Blog

  3. Those cards look super cute, and I like the icecream-cone ornament. I am not ready for fall and winter yet! I am already cold.

  4. Uy Christmas na! Gusto ko din ng cupcake as a decor sa Christmas tree! Kasi I love cupcakes! Maybe I should change the motif of my Christmas tree this year.


  5. San nakakabili ng glittery shoes na yan. Lakas maka-girl at maka-Christmas eh. Love the gold pair! Bibili ako ng sampung pares, hahahaha. :)


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