Saturday, June 13, 2015

A disappointing experience with 2GO

Ever since I opened my own eBay shop, I have been a constant client of most shipping companies. My usual shipping partners are LBC, 2Go and JRS (Sorry Leah and Mother E hahaha). I go to LBC when I need to expedite and send something relatively expensive. When I don't have time to drop by the nearby mall, I also use LBC because they have a branch near the train station. Setting aside the little expensive fee, I always feel complacent when I use LBC. I go to JRS when I'm sending something bulky. Why? They have bigger pouches. :) Added to this, the cut off time for JRS was the latest, as compared to the other shipping companies. They accept parcels for next day delivery until 7 pm. 

Most of the time though, I use 2GO. It's cheaper than LBC. It's near my workplace. They don't have long lines as compared to LBC and JRS. Customer service is also great! When I started selling in eBay, I enjoyed those short and meaningful conversations with their lone employee. When I introduced myself as a part time college instructor, I discovered that he has intentions of becoming a teacher. He has plans of pursuing a masteral degree and I gave him advices from my personal experiences. The best part of our conversations, we share the same opinions about the contestants of the local franchise of The Voice. Haha More importantly, I never had horror stories about packages lost or damaged. Suffice to say, I admit that 2GO has been my favorite shipping service provider.

A few weeks ago, I was about to email 2GO to express how I'm satisfied with their services. It was my way of rendering my gratitude, especially to their hardworking employees. As someone who handles customer feedback from my day job, I always feel frustrated whenever I hear complaints and negative experiences. Of the 10 survey questionnaires I encounter, I'm quite lucky to read one positive experience. Having this experience, I make it a point to report my positive customer service experiences. I take this seriously because I wanted to ensure that deserving employees are recognized. 

Before the long weekend, I went to 2GO's SM Manila branch. I thought I will have another fast and easy transaction. Turns out, the lone staff went for a break. (I assume) This was around 6:30 pm. This was not the first time I encountered this practice from them. I was actually fine with this. I was willing to wait knowing that most of the time, there's only one employee who handles the branch. I waited for around 15 mins. No employee showed up so I decided to attend to my other errands. One thing I noticed, the previous employee who handles the branch used to provide the exact time of his return.

I returned to the branch after 30 mins. The branch was still empty. I decided to wait with two other male customers. The other customers left after a while. I stayed for around 30 minutes and my patience was starting to diminish. I checked out the nearby LBC branch. I was willing to pay more for the sake of convenience. Unfortunately, the LBC branch is no longer accepting customers. Sigh.. I returned to 2GO and much to my surprise, the branch was still empty. I waited for another 30 mins., no signs of any staff. I noticed the two CCTV cameras installed, I hope it's really working. If anyone from 2GO can read this, you can verify my presence on June 11, 2015. I was the lone client who patiently waited. During the entire time I was waiting, the branch telephone was continuously ringing and worst, an electric fan was left working inside the employee's service area.  

I left around 8:30 pm. Frustrated and disappointed. Leaving the branch unmanned for more than an hour was a lousy move. I reported my experience through 2GO's customer contact form and their Facebook page. As of date, I never received any response.

Because I need to send the package before the long weekend, I decided to rush to the nearest JRS branch. Never mind the frightening streets of Recto and Avenida. I arrived at JRS's branch around 8 pm and thank God! The employee accepted my parcel even if it was nearing closing time. Thank you JRS for saving the day. As much as I don't want to admit it, it looks like JRS is starting to impress me. As for 2GO, a simple apology reply to my message can work for me. I hope it would not be a template-ish reply though. For now, I'm convinced that I should ship my packages through LBC or JRS.


  1. Why not try MC Express, Xend, or Abest? They pick up parcels pa.

    1. I tried all three (pick up services). It took them gazillion years to pick up. I cancelled din eventually. Sorry :( Feeling ko kasi minsan, depende sa area. In my case, baka hindi priority area or madalang nag-aavail ng services sa area ko.. both office and residence.

      Abest has nice employees (Manila Tayuman branch), yun lang medyo matagal mag pick up at one time, nagka problem ako receiving a shipment from them. Turns out, naiwan ni Cebu Pacific ang packages nila.

    2. Ay, totoo yan. Back when I was working in Makati, dun ang pickup ng MCE and Xend. Pag hindi na-pick up, magpapalusot pa na sarado na daw ang office, eh 24 hours kaya yung company. Sarap batukan.

  2. Nakow narinig ko na naman ang JRS haha! Pero alam mo when I transacted with 2GO (for the shipment of a medallion pendant to Mother E's friend), I thought hassle-free. In fairness, hassle-free yung pag-accept nila ng item pero pinakaba nila ako kse dapat next day delivery yun but 3 days later, wala pa yung item dun sa recipient! Imagine, I have to make an unscheduled stop pa after work dun sa branch nila sa SM MOA and horror of horrors, hindi raw nila mata-track online kung nasaan na yung item huhu! I went home without definite answers to my questions and I kept on praying that nothing will happen to the pendant. After 5 days pa nakarating yung pendant dun sa recipient. Whew!

    1. If I were in your shoes, ganun din un. Baka kamo hindi pa ako nakatuloy, knowing all the process you've been through para sa mga pendants.

  3. I just experienced the same here sa province. Inaway ko yung courier eh. Negligence sa work. There are good employees and bad employees talaga. I will NEVER rely on 2GO Express again.


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