I'm alive and surviving! I may not be at my best now but there are just some good things that happened along the way. 

That task I never wanted to do is finally done. It happened in the beginning of the week and the vacation leave the next day was one of the best decisions I ever made. It came in perfect timing because it was also my mother's birthday. We celebrated it with pizza, pasta and honey barbecue chicken wings. Hooray for celebrations and vacation leaves spent with the family! In the course of my short lived leave, the desire to build my career in freelancing dawned on me again. I'm beginning to feel that I'm more productive at home. They always say that work should be separated from home. Some people also find it hard to gather their working pace at home. In my case, I believe I'm beginning to become an exception. It's true that it's more tempting to sleep, eat and become a full pledged couch potato. I can feel the temptation but apparently, I discovered that once I gained my working pace, I'm like a well oiled machine. As proof to this, the 160+ pages report I've worked during my mandatory leave was completed in a week. If I did the report in my workstation, I would probably need more weeks to complete it.  If I'm more productive at home, I might as well take advantage of this opportunity. However, this decision will not happen in the near future. This requires extensive planning, savings and more considerations. 

The past week also marked the rare times I'm able to reach home early. It's a miracle! :) Not that I'm becoming a lazy or inconsiderate employee. It's only now that I realize the happiness and benefits of going home early. Everything feels lighter and easier. I only have one struggle to address. I have to find ways to eat away from my workstation. Ever since my BFF T left, lunch breaks were never the same. I finally admitted it. Occasionally, I have always been accompanied by tears and sadness during lunch breaks. Gradually, I'll be able to handle this. Like I always do, I can probably spent my one-hour break sleeping and walking around with my camera. I can probably catch some interesting things to blog about. :)

The title of this post relates a historical street in Manila. I feel that I have written a long introduction that somehow diverted the real intention of this post. Hahaha I will not discuss anything about Escolta's history. Use Google and Wikipedia, they are more reliable than me. Hahaha Escolta is a very prestigious street during the old Manila times. It used to be one of Manila's central business district. Most of the people who frequent the area are businessmen and the well-to-do people in the society. It can be compared to Ayala Avenue, US's Wall Street, or Hong Kong's Central and Canton Road. But that was many decades or almost a century ago. Today, Escolta can be considered as an ordinary historical landmark in Manila. Unfortunately...  Escolta is still a home to many businesses and Chinese restaurants. But for old souls like me, Escolta never lost its beauty and charm.

Annoying problem, how to erase those stubborn electrical wires? 

AIC Center - The dome like building houses banks and other small scale companies. A little clean up and maintenance, the building look better. It can outshine those modern buildings in Makati. 

Rare modern building in Escolta - I forgot the name of the building but this was the lone modern structure I found in the area. 

Regina Building - The ground floor houses the biggest JRS branch I've ever seen (Hello daw Leah at Mother E hahaha)

Natividad Building - This has to be my favorite! Everything about this building is perfect. Although it was already renovated and restored (I guess), Everything about it is so lovely. If I remember it right, the building used to have shades of cool green and cream.

First United Bank Building - Another equally beautiful building. Although what I love best in this building is the front entrance. The intricate design of the old metal gate. For me, it looked like on those elegant apartments featured in US NY based movies. 

A great buy for Php 20 - Got this book of quotes from Book for Less for only Php 20 :) 

A little inspirational reminder :) Yes, in His own perfect time, everything will get better.