Monday, December 7, 2015

Why I will always remember A Second Chance

I was one of the many Pinoy fans who trooped to the cinema to catch the most awaited sequel of One More Chance. :) A few friends were quite surprised because they know me as someone who don't often watch Filipino movies as I prefer much of my Korean drama flix :p.

I've encountered so many reviews online and offline. One thing I can say though, I love the first instalment more. :) Not that I'm saying that I didn't like the movie, it's just that I cannot easily relate with the conflicts and issues dealt in the current movie. Blame it on the fact that I'm a grown up who remains naive about married life. On a positive note, hands down to Bea and John Lloyd's excellent portrayal of their roles! 

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While most of the reviews focused on the issues of married life drawn in the movie, there is just one scene and character that will make me forever remember this movie. I can say that this scene and character was enough to compensate the Php 200 I paid for the movie ticket. :)

Khalil Ramos, who is now becoming to be known as the Magic Flakes Guy,  portrays the role of Noel. Noel is a junior engineer in Popoy and Basha's engineering firm. He was initially introduced as the weakest and innocent newbie at the workplace. He often commits mistakes, gets reprimanded and like a typical fresh college graduate, he is trying to fit in and find his place in the company. 

When a crisis hit the engineering firm, all the senior and seasoned employees left. It was the most rational decision to make, no one wants to say in a company whose future remains uncertain. Much to my surprise, Noel was the lone employee who stayed in the company. Truth to be told, some plot experts can probably say that Noel's role can be eliminated in the movie. The movie's plot can survive without him. I confess,  I have to initially agree on this opinion. However, the one that sealed my attachment with the movie was the personal encounter of Popoy and Noel. 

Following the aftermath of everyone's resignation, Noel was rushing to report for work. He arrived seeing his superior, Popoy, checking  the final copy of his research assignment. Popoy was surprised that Noel continued the research, despite all the difficulties encountered by the company. Noel's response was typical of most rank and file employees. Apologetic, shy and uneasy. Popoy later asked Noel why he decided to stay in the company. Everyone left, there are better opportunities in larger engineering firms. Why stay behind a team of losers? Noel's response was priceless. It brought painful pinches in my heart. It gave me tears. Noel said that he believes the advocacies of Popoy and the company. He beleives in his ideals and the output of the research he made. The statement that nailed everything was when Noel said, Sir, I want to be there when this happens. 

F*^k, I screwed up. Much of Noel was me. I don't want to detail how it works on me, but Noel captured my often silent and unsaid sentiments. I used to believe that I'm a huge and stupid mess. Call it envy but it didn't help whenever I see classmates, friends and other colleagues having better lives because they chose to move on. While me, I'm starting to feel that work has been eating me up. I'm losing the best of myself. Noel's role made me feel that I still have a little pride and dignity left.  While everything remains still uncertain for me, I guess it's enough for me to know that there is still a little something to be proud of myself.

A few days after this post, I talked to a few friends who were also able to watch the movie. I thought I was the only person affected by Noel's character. Turns out, most rank and file employees were moved by Noel. And with that, we are starting to declare Khalil Ramos as the epitome of all silent, grieving and hard working rank and file employees. Thank you for representing us Khalil! Thank you for reminding us that there is still something good left about us.

On a completely different note, I hope this will be the last time I will write a sad post... at least for 2015. When I read this post next year, I'm praying for a better and happier me. :) 


  1. This is so far different review that you have on a different perspective. Not everyone will see what a small role is that have a big impact to the story. Nice! I haven't watch it yet haist.

  2. Hindi naman mutually exclusive ang Pinoy movies at Korean dramas. I surf the Korean wave too--first wave nga lang, wala na akong panahon ngayon para mag-drama-marathon. :-o I ship Bea & JLC, as well as Mulder & Scully of The X-Files, and I also like Star Wars.

    Don't be sad. In this cynical world, it's refreshing to be a "Noel." Keep it up! :-) Someday, you'll be there when IT happens. \m/

  3. I was about to say relate na relate ka...
    Chin up, Diane.


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