My favorite month is here. I started the week with an extended weekend break. The second semester for teaching had just started with a lesser teaching load. Work at the office is fine. Freelance work is starting to prosper, to which I'm very thankful. Although there is one work that really challenges me. I'm planning to seriously deal with it during the holiday break. My blog got a new look but I discovered a little bug that needs to be fixed. A little request, anyone here who owns an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone device? If you can access my blog using your mobile devices, please give me feedback. I want to know how my blog works on Apple mobile devices, particularly using Safari as a browser. In the case of my iPad, the menus do not seem to work. I tried using other iPads and same problem still persists. This is quite frustrating for me. I hope this will get fixed soon. I love my new blog design but if the glitches are not addressed, I'm afraid that I have to redesign again?! 

While everything else is still in the hands of my blog designer, let me share the few good things that made the past week.

Love from the Netherlands - Thank you Marieken for making all means to get the PiP Studio planners. PiP products are not available in the Philippines and if the brand lands here, I'm pretty sure that the price will drive me crazy. :) It will double the original price from Amsterdam. Thank you also for the vintage postcard of Nijmegen and a freebie from your brick and mortar shop. 

My first Pip Studio planners would not reach me had it not because of Mother E! Thank you for taking care of everything Mother E. I received the gifts and these most awaited Cath Kidston mugs too. 

Fridays - I was planning to go home early last Friday but the traffic in Manila forced me and MFA to stay in the nearby SM for a while. I got my favorite Keema rice from Kebabers. 

Tsubaki is love! - I've been hearing a lot of good things about Tsubaki, Shiseido's line of shampoo. If it's made by Shiseido, it will surely be expensive. True enough, it costs almost thrice of my regular bottle of shampoo. I encountered a few shops in Hong Kong selling it in bundle packs with conditioners. Still not cheap, but makes quite a good deal. My regret is that I should have bought at least one bundle pack. I purchased this Tsubaki shampoo from the rare and little online earnings. :) It was expensive, but what they say about beauty products that come in a price tag is for real. This is one of the few best shampoos I've tried. I've experienced a number of noticeable benefits. It gave a refreshing feel to my scalp. Unlike other menthol or pepermint inspired shampoo, the cooling effect is not too dominant to the extent that it felt like lathering Vicks on your head.:p It also effectively removes excess oil from the hair. I made the mistake of overusing sunflower oil to prevent snow fall (heavy flaking of my dry scalp / dandruff) :p. The snow fall was addressed but the traces of excess oil was gross. The shampoo worked so well in cleaning my hair. Best about everything, it didn't cause excessive dryness which is often the problem in most oil control shampoos. I will try to write a separate review about this. :)

The Body Shop's Sale - I love The Body Shop, but then again, minus the price tag. I only enter their shop if I have a friend to accompany or there is a screaming sale. :p Problem with me is that while I can splurge for shoes, bags and clothes, beauty products are always on the last in my list. Last Friday,  MFA and I chanced upon some good deals. These soaps are sold in 6 bundle packs for Php 1,095. Quite a good deal because each originally costs Php 195. We later learned that the bundle packs are offered in Buy 1 take 1 deal. It appears that each bar costs less than Php 100. Hooray! I gave in, the other bars will be given away as gifts to my friends. :) My favorite by the way here is the Olive and Shea Butter.  

It will be my second to the last week at work. I can't wait for the holiday break. While I love the Christmas season, the bills to pay and the other expenses have to be prioritized. A little message to all the kids out there, this is how grown ups spend Christmas! Haha We may have money because of the most awaited 13th month pay but other important things have to be prioritized before anything else. :P 

Happy December to everyone but before anything else, I HOPE MY BLOG'S GLITCH GETS FIXED SOON. :)