I fell in love with this blouse the first time I saw it in Kamiseta's website.

I even wished that this will be my birthday blouse.

I searched the nearby Kamiseta stores and found noting. I am about to give up, not until last Saturday came. Though I'm still tired, sleepy and carrying a heavy backpack from an overnight swim, I dropped by Kamiseta's Gateway branch. Eureka! I found the blouse and excitedly tried it on.

Unfortunately, the blouse is to good to be true. It appears to be a mere photogenic piece. It has a lousy fit on me. It's a dream blouse no more.

To relieve my sadness, I ibought my first pair of Kamiseta skinny jeans. I found a perfect fit and my holiday Kamiseta tin can.

I'm almost perfectly fulfilled not until I became undecided of when I should wear my first ever Kamiseta jeans. Should I wear it on Christmas or on my birthday? Should I buy another pair of jeans? Uh oh, please keep me away from doing my second option.