I'm on two weeks vacay! This is one of the limited benefits I enjoy as a result of being employed in a school. We do not report for work during the holiday break. I've been savoring my two weeks vacation with my favorite lazy activities, TV and movie marathon, waking up the earliest at 10 am, eating, reading, and malling with my two girlfriends, Anna and Anne.

Yesterday, we agreed to meet up to watch a movie. We were suppose to meet at 12 pm but history of histories, I arrived first. While waiting for my friends, I managed to kill time at the Ladies Wear Section of Robinsons Metro East.
While waiting for Anna and Anne, I was able to purchase this Chinese-collared inspired jacket.

I bought this jacket from Robinsons Department Store for only Php 499.75. I love jackets especially those that are inspired by Chinese collars. I almost thought that this was a good buy. But as I am making this blog entry, Nanay told me that this jacket faded even though it was carefully handwashed. Was I deceived by a cheap item? I haven't seen the damage but I'm really disappointed. :(
After watching the movie,we dropped by the nearby Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. And of course, here comes the shopaholic fever. We entered Guess' boutique because of the red magic four letter word posted on their wall, SALE! Our original plan was just to window shop. But there are a lot of nice t-shirts on display that we can't resist. Each of us were able to find our own shirts. Anne bought a blue shirt, Anna had a black shirt and me? I bought a super girly pink shirt.

My visit to Robinsons Metroeast will not be complete without dropping by Book Sale or Pick a Book. I bought Holly Chamberlin's Living Single and just for month , I made three purchases from Book Sale.

My holiday reads

I still have nine days to savor my holiday vacation. I hope that I will have worthwhile and memorable activities on the next days. But for now, I think I have to cure my shopaholic fever. No more shopping please :)