I have been suffering from cough since last year, December 26, 2010 to be exact. I am not prone to cough, I am rather susceptible to colds. In effect, I didn't take immediate action. I waited for days to take my meds. I initially tried Ascof Lagundi.
Ascof Lagundi
The first bottle lessened the frequency of my coughing. However, the syrup didn't totally kill my cough. I finished the second bottle and I am still coughing. I then decided to stick to my reliable Robitussin Guaifenesin. After finishing one bottle again, my cough is still there. The only thing that was healed by all those cough syrups are my sticky phlegm.

My Daddy already told me to consult a doctor before the new year, but the hard headed me prevailed. Last Friday, I started to feel a  pain in my lower right chest, especially when coughing. I thought the pain was  caused by numbness or fatigue, as a result of improper sitting positions. I was wrong. I misdiagnosed myself.

I finally decided to visit the doctor last Saturday. Apparently, I am already suffering from Costochronditis. Costochronditis is pain observed in the chest wall in particular, around the breast bone. My prolonged and excessive coughing has caused me to develop pain in my lower chest.

The doctor gave me meds.. a lot of meds!!!!

Goodbye Php 600! True enough I have my own share of "mahal magkasakit" and "bawal magkasakit"  experience.

Double ouch for me!

Dear Cough,

You now gained my respect! You scared me and took away my money.

Photo Credits Ascof Lagundi http://philippinenativeforesttrees.blogspot.com/2010/07/ascof-brand-literally-means-asthma-and.html