Saturday, March 5, 2011

Closer to Nature... Closer to God

I hope the pictures could reveal the real beauty of the place of my spiritual break. This is it, I had a two-day break with my friends and colleagues.

We went to this beautiful place

The trees in the pathway are adorned by Capiz lamps. During night time, the Capiz lamps perform two purpose, lighting and decorative pieces. 

The pathway already gives you a wonderful journey.

The Transfiguration Chapel of Caleruega!

The Transfiguration Chapel in Caleruega is one of my favorite places in the world.

Caleruega is situated at Batulao Nasugbu, Batangas. Batangas is a province that is not too far from the city. Hence, going to Caleruega does not require long hours of travel and exhaustion. The place is around two hours away from Manila.

Aside from the chapel, here are other reasons why you should visit Caleruega

 There is nothing like this in the city.

How do you want to have breakfast here? The spacious land is also ideal for group or team building activities.

The bridges in the man made pond leads to another bridge. But this time, it's a classic hanging bridge.

The hanging bridge leads to this

A spacious field that houses this serene chapel

Before we left, I uttered my silent prayer...

It remains a silent prayer my friends. If it is not too much to ask, please continuously pray with me.


  1. That is just breathtaking, Diane!
    It looks so green and lush. I love the pond with the fish and the lights at nighttime are simply charming. I hope you found what you were looking for...

    take care,

  2. Thank you Duni! Your comments really make me happy. I found a temporary break in my 2-day retreat but I'm still praying for my silent wish. :)

  3. It is truly a beautiful, peaceful place. Thank you so very much for sharing so many pictures with us!

  4. What beautiful photos...and a very sweet post! I appreciate your prayers that you've posted for the people of Japan, too! You are a caring young lady and I'm glad you're my friend! ♥

  5. Ah ito pala yung isa pang church, ang ganda! Next time, puntahan namin yan. Bitin ang first visit namin. Hehe. :)

  6. I visited this place in 2015. It's very relaxing and perfect for soul searching.


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