"One could fall in love many times during the course of our lifetime, but the first rush of love always hold a special place in our hearts."

I don't own this quote, but I remember reading this as a Facebook status message of one my contacts. First love, first crush, first heartache, and all those "firsts" in our lives would always mark a special trace in our life. And when I say "firsts" I don't just pertain to love. I also refer to other experiences like first day as a college freshmen, first job interview, first payday, first promotion, first time to experience a failing grade.. we all have our own memorable and painful stories.

And why am I suddenly reminiscing about my "firsts"? Everything is all explained in this new TV Commercial of Nestle Philippines. 

I hope you could take time to watch this short TV commercial. It might take some minutes for the video clip to load, but I assure you that everything is worth the wait.

The music used in the video was a Filipino song originally performed by the Apo Hiking Society. The title of the song was "Di Ko Malimutan," which literally translates as "I will never forget." The song tells us that we can never forget the time when we started to learn how to love and to be loved in return.

The commercial became so close to my heart because it's very family oriented and it depicted the special unconditional love of our parents. Aside from God, I believe that parents are the next best individuals who can prove the existence of selfless love.  

Love grows and even strengthens over time. Our parents and families are again the best people to attest that this is possible. Who could ever thought that an innocent crush and "puppy love" could grow and develop for a lifetime. Loving someone over time is not always a walk in the park. Problems and trials will come and surviving all of these is what strengthens that love.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. If we share the same experience, I hope this video clip was able to somehow cheer you up. I know there will be more "firsts" that would come my way. Whatever it takes, I know it will pass and my life would carry on..