I was on leave on work yesterday because I wanted to watch the most awaited Royal Wedding. Haha Seriously, I just need to avail my vacation leave credits. My employer has this policy that all leave credits that exceed 30 days shall be forfeited. So even though I don't have errands to attend, I went on leave to avoid experiencing the forfeiture. 

I watched the BBC's coverage of the Royal Wedding in our local channel. Kate or I mean Catherine's most kept and awaited wedding gown was simple and elegant and I honestly like it. A lot say that it looked like Grace Kelly's wedding gown. I actually love both. 

Photo Source here
Photo Source here
Back to the real reason why I am writing this post, one of my High School friends got married today.  Jen and I were classmates during our freshmen year in High School. We were partners during those regular line formation. 

Jen and Marlon exchanged vows at a chapel in our hometown. I love the small chapel because it is located near the Marikina River, surrounded by lush trees and greenery. The pictures will tell it all

Anna and May Ann
 The chapel of St. Anthony of Padua in Calumpang Marikina City.  
What is seen on the ceiling of the church

Meet my friend, the bride

The reception was held in this beautiful venue.
Water Nymph Resort

I love the wine goblets arranged to become a water fountain

The couple's first dance at the reception
Congratulations to Marlon and Jen!