I would not have become the person I am today without the mothers in my life. Yes I meant motherS!

My Ninang Isiang is the best! (Ninang is how we address our female godparent)
Ninang Isiang is my second mother and best friend. She was always there on those instances when I felt so weak and alone.Though distance separated us, she would exert all means to reach me. Thank you for everything Ninang Isiang. You were one of the few persons who always believed that I could make things happen, despite my failures and weaknesses. Thank you for the never ending patience of listening to my pains, sadness and frustrations.

I have already blogged about this great woman,
Lola Florentina
She is my paternal Lola (grandma)!

My family used to live in the compound of my Lola for more than 10 years. She was my second mother at home. She wasn't the grandma who would spoil her grandchildren with toys, chocolates and junk foods. Lola scolds me like my own mom. Though Lola was not the kind of grandmother I see in TV shows, I know she loves me. She have shown that love that only me and my cousins would understand.

Lola already joined our creator two years ago. You will always be in my heart Lola. I am so proud to be one of your grandchildren. 

The person who deserve all the love and gratitude in my life,
Me and my Mother
My Nanay!

Our relationship was not perfect. We have a lot of differences and argue most of the time. But despite my mistakes and misgivings, you were always there for me. You continuously took care of me and supported all my endeavors. I love you and I am looking forward for more years with you.

To all my followers and fellow bloggers who are mothers, thank you for accepting the gift of motherhood. You are the most courageous, honorable and loving persons in this world. Happy Mothers Day!