Friday! My favorite day of the week. Friday makes me feel that I survived another full week of working. Friday also reminds me that the next two days means rest. I can wake up late, have time to finish my books, share special meals with my family or go out with my friends. And by the way what is the best word that rhymes with FRIDAY, it's PAYDAY! So as a simple treat to myself, I went out with my friend, Anne. We strolled the Ayala Malls, ended up purchasing the same white blouse and had dinner at Pancake House. A stroll around the mall, a nice chat with a friend and food are simple priceless things that make me happy.

Friday at work was different because we had our annual employee sports fest. It's one of the off from work activities that my employer provides. The opening ceremonies were held in the morning and we played some parlor games. Among the games we played, I loved this the most

Sorry for the blurred and grainy pics. I was using my defunct camera phone here.
The game involves 10 members, who are tasked to balance a flat basin that holds two balls and flour, using only their feet. The team who can balance the basin the longest time wins. Once the basin falls, everyone will most likely be bathed with flour. ;-) This game is ideal for family reunions and even team building activities too.

As I am writing this post my little niece was asking my permission for a sleepover. It's girl bonding time again. Wishing everyone a great weekend. :)
PS Thanks to my friends who left uplifting comments in my last post.