Today was not a good one. Though they were minor problems, they all connived and agitated me to the fullest. I still have papers to check so that means that I have to sleep late again.Talking about perfect stress timing...

Right now, I just want to rest on my bed and finish my book. I am currently reading Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest is the last installment of Larsson's  novel series. I'm not really a fan of books and novels released as most awaited sagas. This perhaps explains why I lost interest to the Harry Potter books. I didn't expect to become a fan of Larrson. I read his first book, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," for the sake of fulfilling my curiosity. I got interested over Larrson's works because his books are one of the best sellers in the Philippine market.

I purchased his first book from a thrift book store. I bought a cheaper book to save myself from saying that I just wasted my money. ;-) When I started reading the book, I realized that I have misjudged Larsson. The book kept me hooked. I love the way Larsson crafted the plot and the characters. The series of events were perfectly coordinated. The story yields  the perfect blend of suspense and curiosity.

As I was starting to love Larsson's works, I learned that he already died in 2004. It was an unexpected death brought about by a heart attack. I got sad because at such young age, I believe he still possesses that burning passion to produce more great works. He was still at the peak of his career. Reading more articles about him made me discover issues that arose after his death. Apparently, there is a conflict with his father and brother vs. his long time partner on allegedly the fourth installment of the book. You can read further details about this issue in this site.

The three novels evolve on two main characters Lisbeth Salander and Michael Blomkvist. Both came from different backgrounds, but twist of fate in work connected Salander and Blomkvist. Salander is a psychiatric patient blessed with superb intelligence and internet hacking skills. Blomkvist was a respected journalist who was trapped under a libel case. The two worked to search for Harriet, the lost niece of Henrik Vagner, the CEO of the famous Vagner Corporation. Harriet has been missing for 40 years but there were no concrete evidences pointing to her death.

If you love crime, detective and suspense stories, then Larsson's three books are for you. The only weakness I have observed over the book is its length. The book is around 800 pages on paperback, relatively thicker over the average 400-page novels I normally read. And another thing, the first two books don't manifest closure on the story's ending. You'll experience having unanswered questions not until you read the succeeding books.

Those who are interested with the story but doesn't have the patience to read the lengthy work, you might be interested over the US version of the film.

It's 10:11 PM on my watch and I still have papers to check. Hopefully this post helped me alleviate my stressful day.

I hope you had a better day on a Manic Monday. :)