It's been two years since I've last watched a live basketball game. Again, the overwhelming task of teaching and office works have prevented me from enjoying one of my favorite past times. Back in college, I remember myself as a huge fan of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). After my classes, I would rush home to catch the games of my favorite team. I even saved up some of my allowance to give myself the experience of watching a live game. I was able to watch my first live basketball game with my friend Anne on one late Sunday afternoon, even though I have an upcoming examination for the week. Haha! I once prioritized basketball over my studies and this was a deep buried secret against my parents.

My employer happens to be a school, who is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), one of the oldest basketball leagues in the Philippines. My workplace best friend, Tinee, managed to score some free tickets (yehey!) and since my classes are held in the morning, I had the chance to watch the game.

Here are some pictures I have taken from my defunct camera phone.