1. I don't enjoy receiving forwarded email and text messages - (unless the message is hilarious enough to make me fall from my chair or so touching to make my entire day) I actually prefer to receive simple yet personally crafted messages. A simple "how are you?" "i miss you" is always better than those chain messages.

2. I love sweets but not chocolates - I am perhaps the only person in the world who doesn't appreciate chocolates. When I was a kid, I don't eat chocolates. Yes, I was such a weirdooo. It was only when I reached my teenage years when I started to eat chocolates.

3. I don't drink coffee and other hot drinks -  I mentioned this already in a previous post. To keep me awake, I consume a bottle of Coke, which I believe has been the main culprit of my weight gain.

4. I love old songs - I grew up in the era of Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and all those boy bands. I love them but I also enjoy hearing songs from the 80s. (Please don't laugh at me)  I love Wilson Phillips, Madonna and Debbie Gibson.

5. I look older than my age... unfortunately and I hate it - A lot of people, especially some of my students always see me older than my actual age. When this happens, I almost wanted to tell them "Well this is all your fault. You make me look older than my age" LOL

6. I feel older everyday (this perhaps explain number 5) - When I stepped 25, I began to feel so old. My early 20s were the best, school is over, I'm very eager about my career and I have a lot of plans ahead. But when I reached my mid 20s, it felt like the world stopped. All of a sudden, I felt the need to change my lifestyle and priorities.

7.  I don't know how to cook - Let us clarify this, I don't hate cooking. I just don't know how to do it. My mother had spoiled me with the best dishes at home. So most of the time, my role at home is to sit, eat and sleep. LOL

8. I am lazy and I love to sleep at home - This is me during weekends. I wake up late, brunch, read some books, movies and zzzzzzz.

9. I'm most of the time available for my friends - I maybe the laziest person in the world but when a friend calls me for dinner or something, expect me to be there. The fact that I'm single and so laid back can perhaps explain. So if you still have single friends, you are still so lucky. Singles are always available :)

10. I'm a grown up who still wear braces - Yup, I'm living a life with those metal wires for two years. If this makes me look young, then I want to have them forever. Contrary to what others say, having braces is not exaggeratedly painful. In my case, it took me two weeks to become adjusted to it. My first week was all about soft foods. On my second week, I can already eat potato chips, nuts and all those forbidden foods (I'm such a bad patient. Good thing my dentist don't know that I blog.)

What about you? Do you have some unique traits you want to share? I would love to read them. 

Wishing everyone a great day!