If you have been reading my recent posts, you are more or less familiar with all the worries and restlessness I've been ranting over the past days. Today, that one great endeavor is over and I could finally say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Wooohooo!

Allow me to break all the suspense and relate where, when and what I've been to. Months ago, my research was accepted for international presentation. I was almost so close to that dream except for a major hindrance. I was not financially prepared to fly and stay in Taiwan. I applied for funding opportunities, which later gave me tons of disappointments and failures. I felt exhausted and  gave up my dream. I believe God wanted me to pursue this opportunity so He made all means to fulfill my dream. I made it to Taiwan and successfully had my first ever international research presentation. Well to be honest, I made a lot of firsts in this experience. It was my first international flight, first attempt to reach another country and first time to travel alone! How about that?

Pardon me for cutting this post early. I just came home and still needs to recover a lot of sleep from an early 1 am flight. I will definitely blog more about the experience over the next days. For now, please allow me to zzzzzzzz.