Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 30 - Mission Accomplished Times Two

Day 30! I can't wait to type these words in my post. Woohoooo! I'm done with my 30 day blog challenge. Now I can finally and happily say, mission accomplished.

But why does my title says "mission accomplished times two?" If you have been reading my previous posts, you know the reason. I accomplished two major tasks. Aside from this everyday blog challenge, I made it to Taiwan for my first ever international research presentation. After all the drama, rants and worries, I was able to present one of my hard worked researches in a prestigious school in Taiwan. To all of my friends who prayed and supported me in this endeavor, I don't need to mention your names. You know who you are! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

When I started the 30 blog day challenge, I knew that my journey to Taiwan will be a part of it. But as you can see, I waited for this day to relate the details of "the one great endeavor" I've been repeatedly saying. I kept mum because I almost thought I wouldn't make it to Taiwan. But God has been so good to me. He made all means to make me fulfill one of my greatest wishes.

On my next post, I will share pictures and stories about my experience in Taiwan. And before I forget, I mentioned in my Day 1 post that something big is happening in this blog on Day 30. I will be hosting my second humble giveaway within the week. 

For now, I have to attend to some tasks I left at work. My students and office works, I need to catch up a lot. Added to this the upcoming Christmas parties, dinners and reunions I have to attend. Now I can finally feel that Christmas is coming soon...

Till my next post! Wishing everyone a great week ahead.


  1. Congratulations Dianne! On both achievements :) I'm so happy you were finally able to present your research.

  2. YAHOO! I am so happy for you. Quite an accomplishment girl. Prayers were definately answered.

  3. Lucky you I hope you soak it all in for your memories.

  4. You look so pretty in this photo, sweet name sake! ♥ Congrats on lots of wonderful posts! ♥

  5. OH my goodness!!!!! I have missed so much while I was gone!!!! congratulations on your first international presentation! This is fantastic! You are so amazing and such a hard worker! This is fantastic! and that is such a gorgeous picture of you in front of the building! I am so happy for you and all of your achievements! I hope you're having an amazing weekend, Diane!
    - Amanda


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