Happy New Year!!!!!!

Today is the last day of my two-week break and I am savoring the last hours of this once a year vacay. Tomorrow, I will be back at work with tons of papers to check, review and outputs to follow up. In short, I am back to reality.

My two-week vacay was all about shopping, malling, eating, movies and time with my family. I wish life will be forever like this. :-)  No deadlines to beat and everything is so laid back. I also found some time recalling all the blessings that God has given me for the year. I was able to visit new places such as Puerto Galera and Taiwan. 2011 was a year of many memorable firsts for me. I made my first international research presentation and my blog finally gained a few but well treasured followers and readers. Blogging has been more exciting, inspiring and fulfilling with the presence of my frequent visitors turned friends such as Duni, Janelle, Kelley, Cheryl, Jen , Ricki and Diane. To those I have failed to mention, I apologize but each comment and visit you made in my blog is more than enough to brighten up my day.

For 2012, here are my wishes for my family, work, and blog life

1. To earn my first international publication
2. An opportunity to conduct another study with industry linkage - hopefully this can be another material for another international presentation 
3. To finish the Manual of Operations at work
4. More freelance works to fatten my savings account and give me some shopping money :-)
5. Continuous teaching job...for my students to pass their defense and no casualties (failing grades) in my other class
7. To gain more readers, followers turned friends in the blogosphere
8. Explore other earning opportunities in blogging
9. Fatten my savings account and earn other investments
10. and the one great wish..... :D

I know this year will never be an easy one. Challenges will surely emerge along the way. But whatever it is, I am ready! Bring it on 2012!