Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This day wasn't for me. I had my own share of excessive agitations just for a day. In my attempt to perk up myself, I ended up encountering this short clip. I really hope that everything will be better over the next days. Breathe Diane!


  1. Oh. Like everything else, bad things shall pass. :)

  2. Lately, ive had my share of agitations aswell, alot going on with the family right now.....but i wont bore u with all that. I really enjoyed ur short film...This father couldnt do much, but seems to have so much love for his daughter....I noticed he only set one place? It really puts some of our "blogging" into perspective. We strive to set things up perfectly and take the perfect pictures of the perfect things we have and did........Its the simple things and the selfless giving that we all need to get back too........I thought the film really sweet..Bonnie

  3. this is adorable! how do you find these things??


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